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Litmus Launches Integrated Solution for Email Marketing

Solution strengthens marketing team collaboration with new dashboards, streamlined email workflow, and simplified approvals

Litmus, a leader in email marketing and analytics, released a newly integrated Litmus solution at its Litmus Live conference in Boston. The updated Litmus solution streamlines the entire email marketing workflow—making it easier for marketers to collaborate, save time, and simplify approvals. Enhanced engagement analytics and reporting also provide valuable customer insights, enabling marketers to deliver more effective email campaigns.

“The Litmus solution was designed with collaboration at its core,” said Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. “An all-in-one view gives easy access to the status of all campaigns and reviewer input, and new campaign-level dashboards enable marketing leaders to identify what resonates most with their customers and apply insights from those top-performing campaigns.”

Litmus now connects previously separate components for email design, testing, and review. Data, feedback, and approvals transfer from one step of the workflow to the next. Beta customers reported that the enhancements saved them hours of productivity on each email campaign.

“The new Litmus solution has streamlined our email creation, testing, and review process, eliminating the back and forth of hopping between tools and saving several hours per email,” said Andrea Goreczky, email marketer with Topgolf. “Plus, with the new folder system, it’s never been easier to organize and store our emails across our various ESPs in one central, easy-to-search spot within Litmus.”

Litmus addresses the biggest pain points for email marketers and demand generation teams:

1.    Litmus Builder, Proof, Checklist, and Email Analytics are now integrated into one view
Litmus eliminates the need to switch between features, with one place to build, test, proof, review, and analyze emails. When a designer updates code in Builder, those changes can be pushed to Proof and Checklist with the click of a button, automating a previously manual process and ensuring team members are always viewing the most up-to-date version.

2.    Consolidated reviews, approvals, and tasks save hours for each campaign
Review and approvals are now consolidated in the same view with a full audit trail. The solution also makes it easier for email marketers to manage a high volume of email campaigns with a central view of each project’s status and important due dates across multiple email campaigns. New task templates make it easier to standardize processes and maintain brand integrity.

3.    Aggregated reporting identifies top-performing campaigns
Advanced aggregated reporting provides data to identify performance and campaign trends across the entire email program. This makes it easier to compare and share engagement metrics, optimize future email campaigns, and inform the strategies of other marketing channels to improve performance.

The redesigned Litmus solution also includes additional feature updates including: the ability to create folders and subfolders to centralize and sort emails, a new quick spam test, and more robust integrations with popular ESPs (email service providers), including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp, Eloqua, Marketo, and Campaign Monitor—eliminating the need to switch between tools.

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