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lockrMail Announces Email “Digests”

New feature gives users the ability to aggregate and filter emails into a single convenient message delivered at a preferred frequency

lockrMail, an email management technology platform, announced the launch of Digests, a free tool that allows users to combine emails and newsletters about a common subject into one convenient email delivered to their inbox at the time and date of their choosing.

For example, if a user has a particular interest in cooking, lockrMail Digests enable the user to group each and every email they receive that is about cooking into one Digest. They can also add filters to each unique Sender to further curate the content of their Digest – perhaps by cuisine, ingredient, or some other variable. The Digest can be scheduled for delivery on the day and time of the user’s choosing. When delivered, the user receives an easy-to-read table of contents that lets them open only the emails they want to read.

“In today’s digital world, email has become the most direct avenue to communicate with consumers,” said Keith Petri, Founder and CEO of lockrMail. “But this singularly relied upon channel leaves us all with inboxes weighed down by massive amounts of marketing content, newsletters or deals that don’t always meet our personal threshold of interest. Digests create a unique solution for consumers, giving them a way to ensure they see the emails they want in a consolidated and easily absorbable format.”

Another popular use case for Digests is online shopping, since retail brands are some of the most persistent email marketers. The Digests feature enables lockrMail users to combine brand emails by vertical (say for Outdoor Gear or Home Decor) and add custom discount filters to streamline promotional offers.

The lockr team announced the release of Digests on Product Hunt on Monday August 15th, ranking as the #3 product for the day and garnering 482 upvotes. lockrMail initially launched on Product Hunt in May of 2021 as the #2 product of the day. lockrMail is an email management tool that gives users the ability to control the who, what, when, where of their inbox.

“Everything online, from making a purchase with your favorite retailer to registering to read an article requires an email address for consumers to engage,” continued Petri. “The result is hundreds of unread emails and an endless effort to unsubscribe. lockrMail is the club bouncer for email addresses, making sure only the most important brands, sales and information reach the inside of your inbox.”

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