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Fortune 1000 Company Aims to Streamline Sales and Internal Workflows with Innovative Commerce Logic Engine
ecommerce website, creators of Commerce Logic Engine technology powering configuration for e-commerce and CPQ experiences, today announced their solutions for CPQ and e-commerce have gone live for customer Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS), a leading enterprise technology company that delivers advanced design and validation solutions to help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world.

Keysight chose to help Keysight customers find and configure the right technology solutions that fit their needs more easily by using’s Commerce Logic Engine (CLE). Starting in May of 2022,’s CLE has rolled out initial use cases to power a fast, high-performing quoting configuration experience for Keysight’s sales teams and provided self-service configuration and quoting for its end customers via e-commerce. Keysight plans to roll out the software to all end users by 2023.

An innovative tech company committed to delivering an advanced e-commerce experience, Keysight was looking for a tool to bring their CPQ and commerce technology to the next level to make their sophisticated test and measurement products easier for customers to configure and buy online in a direct-to-buyer method. Keysight also expects to streamline configuring and quoting to improve its sales team’s productivity.

“We want to be the best at understanding what customers are trying to achieve, and translating those needs into the products, services, and software we have to enable those solutions. To accomplish this requires continuous value improvement within our systems, and is going to be a big part of that,” said Balganesh Krishnamurthy, Senior Director of Global Applications and Transformation at Keysight Technologies.

Keysight indicated the company’s primary goal with was to implement a configuration solution with greater speed and performance to drive continuous value improvement for their customers. The company also sought a solution that would require minimal customization and maintenance— one that provided streamlined operations and increased agility in delivering solutions to customers. After fully implementing’s CLE, Keysight anticipates improved responsiveness to customer requirements by up to 40% and reduced maintenance time by as much as 80%.’s advanced solving engine will enable Keysight to significantly improve the performance of the configuration experience for products currently selling online, creating a best-in-class buying experience for their customers. CLE’s headless framework offers Keysight the flexibility to deliver optimum custom layouts and experiences on its site. As a result, the company can tailor changes to match its customers’ buying preferences. Additionally, will enable Keysight to continue expanding its e-commerce business.

“Keysight is a prime example of why we developed the Commerce Logic Engine,” according to co-founder and CEO Chris Shutts. “By reducing maintenance and costs on CPQ and commerce configuration, Keysight’s world-class operations, IT, and sales teams can scale faster and use their time to be more strategic.”

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