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MailerLite Academy Offers Email Marketing Courses for Professional Development

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The need to keep up with the constantly-changing email marketing industry has opened new opportunities for businesses to offer educational services. MailerLite has launched a learning platform called MailerLite Academy to help both beginner and experienced users improve their email marketing skills. The platform contains courses on email marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, and others.

January 6, 2021. With more than 4.4 billion email users projected by 2024, the climate for email marketing has never been better. Since email bridges the gap between a sales funnel and curated content, the need to keep up with the constant changes in the industry has opened new opportunities for the industry experts to offer tools, such as learning platforms, for tailored niche deals.

MailerLite, an intuitive tool for creating and sending email marketing campaigns, launched a comprehensive learning platform, the MailerLite Academy, to give email marketers an opportunity to learn the best industry practices in email marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, landing page optimization, etc. The MailerLite Academy provides unlimited access to expert-led free courses that are self-paced and include topics ranging from the basics of email marketing to niche masterclasses for advanced MailerLite users. The knowledge gained during all of these courses can be applied immediately by using MailerLite.

“Our new learning platform, MailerLite Academy, is packed with practical, hands-on courses to help people gain new skills and become experts  in email marketing. People with zero experience can achieve a mastery of email marketing, learning everything from campaign types and message layout to advanced segmentation and automation,” says Ilma Nausėdaitė, COO at MailerLite.

The first three courses from the MailerLite Academy include:

MailerLite Fundamentals,”

Email Marketing Master Class,”

Email Automation Master Class.”

The “MailerLite Fundamentals” course consists of 70 lessons and takes beginners through all main email marketing features such as subscriber management, landing pages, email automation, website builder, etc. The detailed lessons provide step-by-step guidance for increasing email marketing skills and becoming a MailerLite expert.

Students can pursue a certificate in email marketing that they can use to establish professional credibility, especially for those looking for a career change or who want to earn extra income as a consultant. They can also generate more sources of income by being part of the MailerLite expert directory where other users seek to pay experts for their services.

The other two courses are coming soon and will focus on helping advanced users to develop their skills: “Email Marketing Master Class” teaches advanced techniques aimed at optimizing email marketing campaigns, improving the metrics with A/B testing, time zone delivery, segmentation, etc. “Email Automation Master Class” shows  how to set up workflows and reach the desired customers. The courses may also be combined with MailerLite‘s 14-day free trial, therefore people have the opportunity to learn how to use all the advanced features without purchasing a premium plan.

“As the current global situation is making more businesses move online, industries such as online courses, media, education observe 40 % email marketing growth while it is expected that online education market will reach US$ 350 Billion by 2025.The MailerLite Academy picks up on the growing trend of online education and by offering the learning platform at no charge, we want to encourage everyone to explore what MailerLite has to offer and provide opportunities to use the new skills and explore the potential of email marketing, ” adds I. Nausėdaitė.

As an award-winning tool for professional and personalized marketing campaigns, MailerLite has created MailerLite Academy to make it easier for businesses to navigate the ever-shifting email marketing intricacies.

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