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Manthan adds AI capabilities to its Customer Data Platform for B2C enterprises


Prescriptive analytics add to the retail specialist’s customer data platform

Santa Clara, September 27, 2018: Manthan, a leading cloud analytics company today announced that its Customer Analytics solution, Customer360, is now powered with Artificial Intelligence, making personalization-at-scale a reality. Addition of AI will enable constant upgrade of unified customer profiles based on every action, generate astute customer insights and action them with personalized product and offer recommendations.

The underlying CDP has strong data ingestion and management capabilities with real-time integration of behavioral and transactional data in each customer’s golden record. Use of AI enhances data quality in three ways – linking customer identities across channels for a unified view, de-duplicating customer IDs while maintaining channel contactability, and leveraging third party datasets for enrichment.

Manthan works with enterprises such as Chedraui, Charming Charlie and GoThink Retail to create omnichannel customer engagements that maximize conversion and customer lifetime value.

Time to value makes Manthan a preferred choice for B2C businesses, alleviating the risk of failure that comes with lengthy IT deployments. In a category where onboarding takes 8-12 months, Manthan shrinks it to 4-6 weeks, owing to its sharp industry focus.

Sameer Narula, Manthan’s Chief Product Officer says a Customer Data Platform can bring significant upside to marketing. “Over 60% of large B2C companies in the developed world have many disconnected systems, indicating the early stages they are in. While marketing is the key buyer, other functions such as assortment planning, customer service and client support roles can benefit from a unified customer view.”

He adds “AI is only as smart as the data it uses to learn. To apply AI effectively high quality, real-time data is essential, and enterprises that do not have this foundation right will soon become irrelevant.”

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