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Mapp Opens Marketing Automation Platform for Third-Party Systems

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Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer engagement, today announces the opening of its digital marketing platform Mapp Cloud to any third-party integrations.

Through the Open Marketing Automation Platform, Mapp enables the automation capabilities of its cross-channel marketing component to be accessible to external systems. It is now compatible with data from external service providers in order to offer even easier system integration. This gives customers more flexibility in the automation and personalization of their marketing activities, based on existing technology stacks.

The new feature allows marketers to link Mapp’s marketing automation tool to any platform in order to set up powerful automation workflows. The integration of data into the system is API-based and seamless. On this basis, information from a wide variety of data sources can be easily and effectively used and integrated for highly tailored interactions. In addition, customers can integrate user-defined channels or trigger automated actions to address target groups based on specific events and times.

With this innovation, Mapp Cloud continues its development into a user-oriented infrastructure for setting up a custom marketing ecosystem. Mapp’s customers benefit from enhanced customer engagement based on contextual, data-driven insights. The open platform allows complex automation scenarios to be orchestrated. It allows marketers to draw on comprehensive, flexibly configurable data stocks and enables plannable, effective cross-channel campaigns. Mapp’s technology partners also benefit as they can now link their own solutions even more closely with Mapp Cloud.

Mapp Cloud can be seamlessly connected to all tools commonly used by marketers; from office applications like Google Spreadsheets to project management tools like Asana and platforms like Zapier, Kibo Commerce, Magento and IFTTT.

Michael Diestelberg, VP Product & Marketing at Mapp, comments: “Opening our marketing automation to third-party data makes our digital marketing platform even more flexible. This gives customers more options to customize Mapp Cloud to their own needs and requirements, increasing the value of insight-led customer engagement. For us, system integration is an important step towards an open platform for third-party companies. Our goal is to establish Mapp Cloud as the central control tool for digital marketing, enabling marketers to transparently capture, increase, and continuously optimize their success.”

The Open Marketing Automation Platform is available immediately and will be rolled out step by step to Mapp customers.

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