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Marchex Launches Sales Edge, an AI-Based Product Suite to Drive Increased Sales for Enterprise and Local Businesses

Powered by Marchex Conversational AI technology for phone and text, delivers new capabilities and insights for businesses to outperform competition
Marchex Launches Sales Edge, an AI-Based Product Suite to Drive Increased Sales for Enterprise and Local Businesses

Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX), a leading provider of call analytics that drive, measure, and convert callers into customers, today launched Marchex Sales Edge, an artificial intelligence-based product suite that enables businesses to understand customer conversations in real time and at scale to optimize the sales process and win more business. These solutions arm businesses with data-driven intelligence and deep knowledge of consumer intent, which is key to delivering a personalized experience and engaging with customers at critical moments of their buying journey.

Built upon Marchex’s recently released Conversational AI technology, Marchex Sales Edge is designed to help enterprise and local businesses deliver the right information at the right time during sales conversations. Because consumers research and engage businesses across multiple communications channels, businesses struggle with how to create compelling experiences along each step of the sales process and ultimately to complete a purchase. Lost opportunities leave millions in revenue on the table every year, according to Marchex data.

“We’re solving critical problems for businesses with Marchex Sales Edge,” said Brian Craig, VP of Analytics Marketing and Product Management at Marchex. “Companies need data-driven intelligence to understand what customers want, but that’s increasingly difficult to figure out as the customer journey becomes more and more fragmented across an array of communication touchpoints during the path to purchase. Our AI-based products help bridge that gap.”

Marchex Sales Edge is comprised of three products:

Marchex Sales Edge Enterprise is a solution for corporate managers that surfaces critical insights on consumer intent and sales performance across national and regional business locations. Sales Edge Enterprise gives them tools, based on these data-driven insights, to boost sales outcomes across organizations.

Marchex Sales Edge Local is a solution for business location managers. It analyzes phone conversations, provides strategic performance insights and prioritizes leads using intelligent lead scoring. It also integrates with existing workflows and tools, such as Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM. Sales Edge Local helps companies grow their business at individual locations by prioritizing the most valuable leads, and arms them with the tools to inform next best action and sales team training.

Marchex Sales Edge Rescue offers conversational AI-infused call monitoring, scoring and engagement to alert businesses when potential buyers end a conversation without making an appointment or a purchase. It identifies, in real-time, when high-value customer conversations are mishandled and immediately delivers this intelligence to businesses so they can re-engage with customers and “rescue” the sale.

“Marchex Sales Edge represents the next phase of our AI product evolution,” Craig said. “We’re helping businesses uncover real-time consumer intent across phone and text, which empowers them to take action to win more sales and improve the customer experience.”

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