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Marketing Automation Platform, Springbot Introduces SMS Marketing

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Springbot, a marketing automation platform, adds a new messaging channel and personalization opportunity for retailers with the launch of of Short Message Service (SMS) Marketing. This allows merchants to plan their communication strategy across email, social and now text with their shoppers. After an easy setup and keyword selection process, retailers can use the channel to let subscribers who have opted into receiving those messages know about promotions and other updates happening with their brand.

“Around 90 percent of text messages are read in a minute and a half,” said Jarrett Board, Springbot’s Senior Director of Product Management. “And 75 percent of consumers like to receive their information through text messages. There’s a huge opportunity here for business owners to expand their communication channels.” Notably, SMS communication with shoppers is leveraged by retail giants like Home Depot, Reebok and Petco. “If these bigger brands have it,” Board said, “we thought, why not our stores?”

There’s been a notable excitement with Springbot’s current customers, with many ready to add SMS to their marketing strategy. “When we learned Springbot was developing a way for us to text message with shoppers, we were definitely excited,” said Chante Green, Digital Sales and Marketing Director for Re-Play, a family-owned business specializing in high quality, durable, and sustainable consumer goods. “We got in on the ground floor and since then have enjoyed using this new feature.”

In their continuing effort to help Springbot customers level the playing field against larger retailers, the marketing automation company is providing access to a short code for no additional cost. “The expense and time needed to acquire a short code is pretty large,” said Board. “We took all that on so customers could sign up and experience the benefit of using a short code – like higher deliverability and access to custom keywords – right away.”

SMS Marketing is available now through Springbot. Merchants have the option to transfer an existing list of subscribers or can easily build a new list using tools provided in the marketing automation platform. Springbot is also providing several valuable guides and resources including a Keyword Strategy Guide, Retailers Starter Guide to SMS Marketing as well as SMS eCommerce Strategy and Best Practices Guide.

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