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Marketo buys Bizible, adds ‘deeper attribution’ to its engagement platform

Marketing Nation Summit

The move gives marketers the ability to track the buyer journey across all activation points.

Marketo has acquired performance management software Bizible, the company announced Monday at its annual conference, the Marketing Nation Summit.

The merger brings together two companies that are well-known in the industry for the services they provide. Marketo is an enterprise-level marketing automation provider, and Bizible is known for its ability to provide attribution for conversions across channels.

It’s the largest acquisition in Marketo history. The company says that though it currently has some tools that provide attribution, the Bizible acquisition will provide “deeper analytics.”

I spoke to Bizible CEO and Co-founder Aaron Bird about the merger, and what the company means by “deeper” analytics.

“All engagement, across all channels, is something that Marketo covers in its engagement platform, and that’s part of what we’re helping with here,” Bird said. “That’s a breadth play across all channels, and then depth as well.”

Bird said the move is about evolution.

The story here isn’t really about [what] Marketo didn’t have, and has now, but rather, if you look [at it] as B2B marketers are getting more and more advanced, they’re asking for more and more detail about attribution and measurement and analytics and the buyer’s journey. This is exactly what we focus on. So, I think that this is where the market’s going and we spent a long time solving this problem, and Marketo is excited to have us as a complement to its other products.

The Bizible team will continue to work out of its Seattle office; Bird wasn’t sure if it will retain its name.

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