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Martech Company Tapad Supports Project Rearc Principles

Groundbreaking IAB initiative is developing open technical standards for addressability and accountability in digital media
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Tapad Inc., a marketing technology company and a global leader in digital identity resolution, announced today their commitment to IAB Tech Lab’s Project Rearc, a collaboration of global stakeholders across the digital supply chain established to ensure industry accountability and privacy preservation.

As an advocate for clear communication of the value exchange required to maintain the free and open internet, Tapad joins like-minded industry players in forging an ecosystem based in cross-channel, cross-device interoperability as well as predictable privacy, transparency and control for consumers. Through Tech Lab and the Project Rearc technical standards working groups, Tapad will help the industry find solutions that benefit the ecosystem as a whole and enable scale, longevity and fidelity. Tapad’s participation showcases its commitment to the implementation of secure consumer-provided and authorized IDs and preventing unauthorized use, and the creation of accountability mechanisms and programs that demonstrate collective adherence to privacy choices.

“It’s been encouraging to see brands, agencies and tech providers across the industry banding together to create new privacy-safe targeting solutions that aren’t reliant on third-party cookies, and the IAB Tech Lab has been a key player in this development,” said Tapad’s Chief Product Officer, Ajit Thupil. “As the ecosystem moves to establish more open, transparent, and consumer-first approaches to data, Tapad sits on the board for the IAB Tech Lab and fully supports the IAB’s ongoing initiatives to instill standardized practices that will help power digital advertising‘s future.”

Launched in February 2020, Project Rearc was created to re-architect digital marketing with tech standards that harmonize consumer privacy, personalization, and safety as third-party cookies and other core technologies and laws evolve. Project Rearc also serves as the technical arm of the newly formed Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media (the Partnership), taking business and policy guidance from the Partnership participants to inform technical standards efforts, while continuing to engage with other stakeholders globally.

“After the launch of Project Rearc earlier this year, a wide array of organizations leaned in to collaborate on predictable privacy settings for consumers who choose ad-supported access to content and services,” said Jordan Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Privacy, Identity, and Data, IAB Tech Lab. “We’re delighted to have Tapad join us, pledging their support for an open ecosystem with technical standards that fuel innovation in content and services, while also offering consumers transparency, choice, and control across all their experiences.”

Tapad is advertiser, publisher and platform agnostic. The company’s neutral stance across the ecosystem positions it to support the solutions that work in the best interest of the consumer. Tapad will work across all solutions that emerge to solve for cross-channel identification, provided they are built with a principal view towards respecting user privacy, transparency and control.

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