Martech Interview with Founder and Head of Events, Clavent Technologies – Sneha Betharia

Sneha from Clavent gives us a crisp roundup of the Emerge Martech Summit focussing on the main highlights about the event along with the importance of such events.


“Technology really plays an important role in bringing efficiency into any organisation’s marketing mix and stack and that’s the reason a lot of awareness is being driven around marketing technology across the ecosystem “

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your role
My name is Sneha and I’m the founder of Clavent. At Clavent, specialize in researching and developing cutting edge technology conferences and events designed to bring together innovators and thought-leaders in a unique format for collaborative learning and networking.

Clavent has been organizing great global conferences in countries like Australia, Philippines, Singapore, India, England, and France. This year, with the COVID outbreak, the industry has taken a hit and there have been major layoffs and shutdowns but we as an organization are adapting to the situation and organizing virtual conferences. This year we are going to dig into the fast-changing landscape of tech in different functions together – but virtually.

2. What do you think is the main objective for conducting an event like“The Martech Summit”?
Technology is the key driver in any business function may it be HR, Marketing, product etc and our conferences cover the new technologies and make the professionals more conscious about these new technologies and how to use it. Emerge Martech Summit was also ideated to solve the similar problem of facilitating a platform to enable marketers to be more aware about the new technologies, ideologies and approaches via the top industry leaders across the world who are innovating the way marketing is done across industries and sub-segments. We really want to thank Clevertap for partnering and supporting us for this conference.

3. Can you tell us a little about the main highlights of the event?
The conference covered four major themes- AdTech, Content & SEO, User Analytics & Retention, Media Buying. The highlight of the event was the stellar lineup of talented thought leaders and influencers from organisation like SBI, CleverTap, Grofers, Dr. Reddys, Bobble AI, Tally, Flexera, Swiggy, Logmein, Nielsen Media, L’Oreal, Flipkart, Winkl, Zee5, Red Chillies Entertainment and more covering topics like .

4. How do you measure or define the success of an event?
It is really hard to quantify the success of the event but there are two major aspects to it;
1. Attendees – How satisfied were the attendees and did they get enough opportunity to learn from the speaker talks and to network with other attendees. When we get feedback like this for our digital conferences, it just makes our efforts worthwhile.


2. Sponsors/Partners – The second way to measure the success of the event is how satisfied were our event sponsors and partners and did they get enough business opportunity and exposure at the event.

5. Why do you think Martech events are gaining heavy prominence these days?
The COVID-19 pandemic is still being battled across the world and a lot of organizations have come to an ambiguous halt. In such uncertain times, businesses are reorienting their approach towards the new normal. Especially in marketing and communications where the situation is ever changing, organisations needed a new understanding of their consumers/clients while being considerate about their own challenges.

Technology really plays an important role in bringing efficiency into any organisation’s marketing mix and stack and that’s the reason a lot of awareness is being driven around marketing technology across the ecosystem.

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Sneha Betharia is the Founder and Global Head of Events at Clavent Technologies. She is a leader who is personally involved in making various events organized by Clavent successful. Prior to joining Clavent, she has worked as a Global Marketing Manager at TestingMind. She holds the degrees of Graduation and Post-Graduation Diploma.

Clavent believes that their lives are a collection of experiences, and help you make it extraordinary. Their group of seasoned professionals understands that major breakthroughs are only as good as the disciplines supporting them. Hence at Clavent Events, they believe that there is a sublime connection between the mastery of a domain and the ability to inspire. They, therefore, gather only the best of minds to share, discuss, and explore the latest industry trends and developments. At Clavent, They personally ensure that each event is tailored to your needs. From keynote talks to hands-on workshops, their summits aspire to be a prime platform for professionals to exchange ideas, their thoughts, and learning to be noticed among the crowd.

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