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Martech Leader Snappy Kraken Reveals Marketing Secrets

"Behind the Campaign" Series Addresses Marketing Strategy for Financial Advisors
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Snappy Kraken, a top-ranked MarTech company that helps financial advisors automate their marketing and business growth, has introduced the first episode in its new “Behind the Campaign” video series to help advisors expand their knowledge of marketing strategy.

“It’s awesome to see thousands of advisors having success with our content,” said CEO Robert Sofia. “But we also recognize that we can advance the industry by teaching first principles of marketing. We don’t just want to say: ‘Here, use this.’ We want to say: ‘Here is why you should use this and here is the strategy behind it.’ Armed with this insight, advisors will be better-equipped to succeed in all their other marketing efforts as well.”

For the “Behind the Campaign” series, Snappy Kraken is enlisting the firm’s marketing experts to teach the strategies and tactics behind key campaigns. By pulling back the proverbial curtain, Snappy Kraken aims to help industry professionals learn the “why and how” behind a creative and data-driven process that generates meaningful results. The firm has also been proactively sharing the performance results of their campaigns, most recently in the Half-Time State of Digital report.

In the initial episode, the strategy for the campaign “Retiring in Uncertain Times” – which has a “horror film” theme – is discussed by Sofia, along with Chief Creative Officer Patrice Kelly and Chief Product Officer Francesca McLin. While some advisors may question the horror film approach, McLin explains the importance of setting aside one’s personal opinions and recognizing how even negative feedback from a client or prospect is an invitation to engage in conversation. Kelly speaks to the difference between the advisor’s brand and the campaign message and why it’s essential for the message to be presented in a way that is truly different from much of what one sees in the industry in order to get noticed.

“Our campaigns have been incredibly effective, and the data proves this,” said Chief Marketing Officer Angel Gonzalez. “But as an industry leader, we can’t simply say: ‘Trust us, we know what we’re doing.’ In the financial advice profession, transparency is key, and we believe companies that serve advisors should be equally transparent. This new series is our way of ensuring that advisors understand the strategy and execution that goes into creating really great marketing.”

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