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Martech Platform AdDaptive Enhances Platform’s Capabilities

AdDaptive's Customers Benefit from Objective-Based Strategies to Achieve B2B Advertising Goals
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AdDaptive Intelligence, the leading provider of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and B2B intelligence, recently optimized the capabilities of their B2B advertising tool, Platform, to support an objective-based advertising (OBA) approach. AdDaptive is focused on producing technological solutions and advancements that drive their customers’ advertising goals towards success and provide detailed insights and analytics to fuel future B2B campaigns. The recent updates in Platform support an OBA approach to accurately target key accounts and achieve marketing success based on specified objectives.

Supporting campaign optimization strategies with OBA enables companies to dynamically optimize their advertising toward specific objectives and trigger data-driven decisions. While AdDaptive has always optimized campaigns to yield the best outcomes, this enhancement is designed to improve the efficiency of such optimizations and better achieve customers’ desired campaign outcomes from the start. In addition to the audience-building and B2B targeting capabilities currently available, OBA adds a component of AI to strengthen the strategy and execution of data-driven ad campaigns, optimizing toward specific goals and yielding better results.

Users can now connect their business goals with appropriate metrics of measurement in order to deliver effective B2B advertising campaigns. Visual advancements have also been made to produce a new interface that will provide ease of usability for customers, including the ability to set specific campaign objectives. Then, by complementing an OBA approach with AdDaptive’s post-campaign B2B Analytics, agencies and brands gain valuable insights that teach about audience behavior to inform future strategies and drive B2B success.

AdDaptive Intelligence makes business data actionable by optimizing campaigns towards strategies such as account-based marketing (ABM) and objective-based advertising (OBA). Through expert strategy, validated online and offline data, accurate B2B targeting, and valuable ABM analytics, AdDaptive’s customers amplify their advertising efforts to reach their intended accounts in niche markets. AdDaptive’s post-campaign reporting provides the industry’s most comprehensive analytics, helping brands to understand and apply meaningful insights to reach their B2B advertising goals. And now more than ever, especially amidst current economic uncertainty, AdDaptive creates digital pathways for businesses to elevate their advertising efforts, making AdDaptive the unquestionable leader in the advertising industry.

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