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Martech Platform Mapp Announces Record New Sales Growth

Despite COVID-19 and Global Lockdowns, Mapp Cloud Demand Surges
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Mapp, one of the world’s largest independent marketing platforms, today announced record growth in sales for the first half of 2020. The global provider of insight-led customer engagement increased its new sales bookings by 72%, compared to the previous year.

The AI-based customer analytics solution Mapp Intelligence has been the catalyst of this growth, following the acquisition of Webtrekk last year. Mapp Intelligence acts as the ‘brain’ of the modular marketing platform Mapp Cloud, enabling marketers to extract reliable cross-channel customer insights from data which can be used for the sustainable optimization of digital campaigns.

The holistic Mapp Cloud portfolio offers marketers comprehensive support in the areas of marketing analytics, cross-channel marketing, and data management. Mapp’s offering represents a more cost-effective and powerful alternative to traditional enterprise marketing clouds.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, digital channels have become increasingly important to marketers, leading to a greater need for highly personalized customer engagement. Cost efficiency has also become a top priority, which has been reflected in the interest in customer insights to enable campaign optimization. Mapp’s customer engagement platform allows marketers to effectively analyze customer needs and make the most of their budgets by launching targeted communication in the right channel, at the right time and with the right message.

In recent months, Mapp has gained numerous retail and e-commerce customers, including Francesca’s, The Entertainer, Ella’s Kitchen, Orange Square, Original Marines, La Martina and Il Giardino dei Libri. Another record quarter is already on the horizon for Q3 2020, promising an extremely successful financial year despite any challenges associated with COVID-19.

Steve Warren, CEO, Mapp, comments: “I am extremely proud of our record-breaking sales performance – and the great work of our international team behind the results. The increased demand for our customer engagement platform proves that we can deliver real value for marketers and their brands in challenging economic times.”

“Unlike many of our competitors, we start by looking at the real challenges of marketers, taking their specific requirements into account in our product development, then providing targeted support to enable the decisive success factor: the regular activation of cross-channel customers. Through insights and the automated control of marketing activities, we help our customers to place their budgets efficiently to increase the ROI of their campaigns.”

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