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MessageGears Enhances Segment Product with Facebook & Google

By working from live customer data and breaking down barriers that limit data access, MessageGears is furthering its mission to allow marketers to use data to create better brand experiences
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MessageGears, the customer marketing software company, announces an update to its Segment product. The update includes support for Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match, and the ability to join and enhance data within MessageGears’ Engage product.

Enterprise marketers are limited by their toolsets in one of two ways: either the tools impede access to customer data or they offer a clunky user experience. For example, tools that offer exports to Facebook and Google force marketers to copy their data into the vendor’s platform, meaning marketers are unable to build real-time views of their audience and are at best working from old copies of data. Meanwhile, data warehouses weren’t designed for the massive concurrent needs of marketers – i.e. personalized email campaigns that create the need for thousands of data requests per second.

New functionality in MessageGears’ Segment product addresses both problems. In addition to sending groups of recipients to messaging providers and elsewhere, Segment users now have the ability to export groups of customers to see ads in their Facebook feed, or be targeted for ads when searching in Google. Users can also use the intuitive drag-and-drop blueprint to define sections of their audience to send to each vendor, and MessageGears prepares and sends the data to each destination.

“By making it easy for marketers to work from their own source of truth, marketers can quickly and painlessly design and execute on campaigns through Facebook and Google Ads,” said Nick Ziech-Lopez, director of product strategy at MessageGears.

MessageGears’ Engage product has always offered users the ability to access massive amounts of data in real time to power communications such as live personalization of messages on email open and directing users to specific offers within websites. However, users were previously limited to selecting data points from a single data set, potentially limiting the data they could retrieve at one time. Now, in a single API call, users can select multiple data points from multiple data sets to create even more personalized customer experiences than before.

“By allowing users to join multiple data sets with Engage, MessageGears is offering marketers the ability to personalize communications using all kinds of data – customer, inventory, item, location, etc.,” said Ziech-Lopez. “This data access will open up marketing strategies that marketers have long sought after but have not been able to execute due to internal resource constraints.”

MessageGears’ Segment product allows marketers to create dynamic audiences using their live, real-time data wherever it lives, generating new possibilities for message personalization across email, mobile push and SMS. Being able to divide recipients into audiences is one of the biggest keys to building effective personalized messaging campaigns, and MessageGears’ ability to connect directly to customers’ data provides a significant advantage when it comes to access and timeliness. Enterprise marketers can now utilize their data in more creative ways to create campaigns tailored to specific audiences, and export them to any third-party platform they use to send.

The new version of MessageGears Segment is available now. The Facebook and Google destinations are charged by the number of monthly active users sent to each destination.

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