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MessageGears launches Segment

With MessageGears’ direct data access, Segment gives marketers the ability to do more with their data and export audiences to any third-party provider
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MessageGears announced today the launch of Segment, a new product in the MessageGears Customer Marketing Platform. Segment allows marketers to create dynamic audiences using their live, real-time data wherever it lives, generating new possibilities for message personalization across email, mobile push and SMS martech news.

Being able to divide recipients into audiences is one of the biggest keys to building effective personalized messaging campaigns, and MessageGears’ ability to connect directly to customers’ data provides a significant advantage when it comes to access and timeliness. Enterprise marketers will be able to utilize their data in more creative ways to create campaigns tailored to specific audiences, and export them to any third-party platform they use to send.

MessageGears Segment is differentiated from other segmentation tools in that it connects directly to the client’s data warehouse, and rapidly creates segments within its segmentation engine behind the client’s firewall martech.

“Looking at the market of segmentation and campaign management products, we noticed that most of them were huge applications that were cumbersome to use and had lengthy installations,” MessageGears Chief Product Officer Dan Roy said. “In creating MessageGears’ Segment product, we focused on making a tool that leveraged the power of directly connecting to client data and a simple, easy-to-use, customer experience.”

“It’s exciting for us to enable marketers to maximize the impact of their data assets,” MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette said. “We exist primarily to remove data friction for the modern data-driven enterprise. Segment helps brands address key data access issues in their current marketing tech stack. In addition, Segment is a powerful tool for taking that data and turning it into something that’s truly actionable for personalization that drives results.”

MessageGears Segment is already being used by some of the world’s leading brands and is available to implement for any organization regardless of whether they use MessageGears for other marketing programs. This is the latest new offering from MessageGears. Earlier this year, they launched MessageGears Engage, which provides third-party personalization platforms like Movable Ink access to all of a company’s customer and context data in real time..

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