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MGI Opens the Doors of Customer Experience Center in Europe

MGI Tech Co

MGI Tech Co., Ltd. (MGI) today announced the opening of its first overseas Customer Experience Center (referred to as CEC Riga) in Riga, Latvia. Located inside MGI Latvia, the manufacturing center for MGI’s businesses in Europe and Africa, CEC Riga serves as a service hub for customers and partners by providing them with expertise in high-throughput sequencing technology and specialized automation workflows. In addition to running demo tests, CEC Riga offers validation for the compatibility of third-party products, while doubling as a training center for MGI staff and distributors.

“Aligned with MGI’s mission to develop and promote advanced life science tools for future healthcare, the new Customer Experience Center enables our customers and partners to build new scientific workflows, amplify knowledge across our sequencing and automation solutions, while further developing relevant capabilities and expertise across Europe and Africa,” said Duncan Yu, President at MGI.

Occupying nearly 150 square meters, the site is equipped with MGI’s latest product portfolio, including sequencers*** such as DNBSEQ-G50*** and DNBSEQ-G400***, as well as automation platforms including Smart 8 for DNA/RNA extraction and library construction. With the already installed DNBSEQ-T7*** and DNBSEQ-T10x4*** in MGI Latvia, CEC Riga showcases MGI’s comprehensive offering for customers and partners in collaboration with other departments, and demonstrates its commitment to developing and promoting advanced life science tools.

“The opening of our Customer Experience Center in Riga, Latvia demonstrates MGI’s commitment to bringing our proven DNBSEQ™ technology and automation portfolio to customers and partners in Europe and Africa,” said Dr. Yong Hou, General Manager of MGI Europe and Africa. “It is another big step for MGI in terms of supporting our customers and partners across the region and facilitating better understanding and knowledge of our new products, such as the innovative HotMPS* sequencing chemistry, which was recently developed for use on MGI’s DNBSEQ-G400** sequencer and first rolled out in selected countries at the end of April.”

As a MGI Tech Co., Ltd. subsidiary, Latvia MGI Tech SIA(referred to as MGI Latvia)was established in 2017 and officially launched in 2019. CEC Riga was the first life science and technology customer experience built by MGI in Central and Eastern European Countries. In the next 5 to 10 years, MGI Latvia plans to build a one-stop light-out laboratory manufacturing base, with the goal of providing top-notch technology and opportunities for European manufacturing industries through high-end digital and automation innovation.

With the newly-built CEC Riga, MGI Latvia boasts complete facilities, as well as a highly skilled team and stringent protocols to assist customers in running MGI instruments and developing expertise in high-throughput sequencing technology. Close to 20 training programs have been scheduled onsite for next year to upskill scientists and MGI partners across Europe and Africa. At CEC Riga, customers, collaborators, and partners can expect a high-tech experience including MGI products training.

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