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Microsoft to Acquire GitHub for 7.5 Billion Dollars!

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This Monday, Microsoft announced that it would buy the coding website, GitHub for 7.5 Billion Dollars on a privately held event. This would mark the second big acquisition under the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, after the acquisition of Linkedin in 2015.

GitHub is a huge code vault that has turned out to be extremely prominent with engineers and organizations facilitating whole projects, documentation, and code. Apple, Amazon, Google, and numerous other huge tech organizations utilize GitHub. There are 85 million storehouses facilitated on GitHub, and 28 million engineers add to them. GitHub will now be driven by CEO Nat Friedman, the organizer of Xamarin, who will answer to Microsoft’s Cloud and AI boss Scott Guthrie. GitHub CEO and prime supporter, Chris Wanstrath will now work for Microsoft in addition to Guthrie.

After the rumors of an acquisition were blowing in the air, some dedicated users of this famous software development platform were not pleased and took to the social media platform, Reddit to voice their concerns. However, the Microsoft CEO soon debunked the concerns in a press conference claiming that GitHub will continue to be open with all public clouds.

This move of acquiring the open source software would not only broaden the already growing development community but is also a very smart move on the part of Microsoft whose cloud business has been skyrocketing for the last few years. Azure announced a 93 percent bounce in income in the second from last quarter that finished on March 31.

GitHub is expected to become an integral part of Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud Unit following the acquisition by the end of this year.

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