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A Week filled with GDPRs: TrustArc expanding its channel program, Qualys adding new features to its SAQ, a cloud-based app and much more.

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A quick look at the week where many companies adapted to the new General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR).

TrustArc expanded the popular TrustArcConnect, a partner program to meet a tremendous growth in global demand for privacy technology solutions. This program will motivate resellers, system integrators, digital corporations, law firms, and consultancies to expand their privacy technology products and services.

MarkMonitor presented a new technological solution to make the whole process of how brands are protecting themselves online simple. As we all know, WHOIS database was only limited after the General Data Protection Regulation came into action, brands will now be able to get the domain related information which will help them fight against the fraudulent and counterfeit activities, which will save them both time and resources.

Security Assessment Questionnaire or simply SAQ, which is a cloud-based app from Qualys, has been introduced with some new features, which will now allow users to achieve a great look at the data across their own network and supply chain for GDPR compliance. New GDPR supporting SAQ templates and a purpose-built dashboard will allow users to know the status of their own business and procedural readiness for GDPR, and also of their vendors.

The Privacy Awareness Academy announced that it is now sponsoring a new social media awareness campaign which is specially designed to educate and make business owners aware of the new GDPR. The Academy’s new campaign on Social Media platforms, named, Wake-Up-Call, will be using a suite filled with some innovative and high-visibility micro-learning tools.

Egnyte introduced some new functionalities, out of which, a super useful functionality will give businesses the power to identify GDPR-sensitivity content in just minutes. A great thing about Egnyte protect is that it uses an extremely advanced machine learning way which quickly grasps the common areas where sensitive information may be present in their content repositories.

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