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Mmojo Adds Company List Builder to Mmojo B2B Marketing Application Suite

New App Finds Target Market Companies from a Mmojo Dataset of over 20 Million US Businesses
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Mmojo announced the availability of Company List Builder, an easy-to-use Web App that enables Mmojo users to quickly find Companies that are a fit for their products and services from a dataset of over 20 million US Businesses. Company List Builder joins Mmojo Email Finder, a previously released Mmojo app that provides access to over 100 million US business contacts. Both apps are available under a single subscription with free and paid plans. Existing Email Finder users now have immediate access to Mmojo Company List Builder.

“Successful marketing and sales begin with and depend on targeting the right companies,” explained Mmojo Founder and Managing Partner Hank Weghorst. “With Company List Builder, our users can precisely find the companies that want to buy their products and services. They can then identify the key contacts within those companies using Email Finder. Finally, using our Custom Data Service they can add Account Intelligence such as news, buying intent, facility expansion, federal contracts, and M&A activity to develop actionable account strategies.”

Company List Builder Overview

Finding companies with Company List Builder begins with using a series of simple, powerful filters. As filters are modified, Company List Builder provides a preview of the selection including number of companies as well as geographic, industry, revenue and employee distributions. At any point in the filtering process, the user can preview the selected list of companies and their firmographics. Once finalized, the full list or a subset can be exported as a CSV file. Users must approve the export and cost prior to any charges being incurred. Each exported company file contains columns for company name, address, phone, domain, industry (NAICS and SIC), revenues, employees and entity type.


“We designed the filters in Company List Builder to be easy to understand and use, yet powerful in their ability to find specific companies,“ noted Weghorst. “Both ease of use and power is key to meet the needs of marketing and sales professionals.”

Filters include location, industry, technologies used, revenue levels, number of employees, entity type (public, private, government and HQ, subsidiary, branch) and more. The technology filter is particularly powerful and allows very detailed technology selections such as “Google Analytics”, “” or “Oracle Database”. There is also a filter to exclude results from prior exports so that only new companies that were not previously exported are selected.

Add Business Contacts with Email Finder

Company lists created with Company List Builder can be automatically provided to Email Finder to find the right business contacts for the companies in the list.

3 Plans

Mmojo offers three plans for the Mmojo Suite: Free, Pro and Premium. The Free membership is intended for searches to view a limited set of companies or contacts. No credit card is required unless the Free user wishes to Export data. The Pro and Premium monthly paid subscriptions allow unlimited viewing and provides lower prices for exports than the Free plan. Both paid plans include credits for contact or company exports that rollover if not used.


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About Mmojo

Mmojo’s mission is to use software technology to transform the way businesses work with B2B marketing data. We combine the highest quality data from industry leaders with our patent pending software technologies to make valuable data easily accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes.

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