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Mmojo Announces Custom Data Service for B2B Account Intelligence

New Service Leverages Mmojo Company List Builder and Mmojo B2B Data Partner Network
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Mmojo announced the availability of the Mmojo Custom Data Service designed to make it easy and affordable to get the Account Intelligence needed for successful account planning.

“Marketing and sales professionals need additional information about their target companies to develop effective account plans and strategies,” noted Mmojo Founder and Managing Partner Hank Weghorst. “We have greatly simplified that process by pre matching our partners data to the Mmojo company dataset and providing that data at very low cost under one set of terms and conditions.”

Mmojo’s data comes from a network of industry leading data partners and includes news, technology use, buying intent, facilities expansion, federal contract awards, M&A activity and more. Users just build a company list with Mmojo’s Company List Builder, select what account intelligence data they want, approve a quote based on the actual enrichments available, and receive an account intelligence file.

Mmojo Company List Builder and Email Finder
Mmojo is announcing the Custom Data Service concurrently with the availability of its new Company List Builder app. List Builder enables users to quickly find specific companies that are a fit for their products and services from a dataset of over 20 million US businesses. List Builder joins Mmojo Email Finder, a previously released Mmojo app that provides access to over 100 million US business contacts. Both apps are available under a single subscription with free and paid plans.

Mmojo Industry Data Partners

Mmojo’s Industry Data Partners are leaders in providing high quality data and services to larger enterprises. Those partners include companies like Aberdeen, Bombora, Stirista, ALC, Datagraphix, Intelligence360 and others. Mmojo users benefit from the ability to easily access this data at very low cost with one simple subscription. Our partners benefit by getting their data into the hands of marketing and sales professionals who might not otherwise be able to afford or contract for this data.

Available Data
Business contact data is available using the Mmojo Email Finder app. The following datasets are among those available via the Custom Data Service.

  • Technology Attributes – Technology Budget, Staff and Installed Technologies.
  • Digital Intelligence – Data derived from the network footprints of over 265 million domains.
  • Buying Intent Reports – Intent data showing company buying interest by over 90 categories.
  • Relocation/Construction/Expansion – Recent and planned facilities projects.
  • Venture Capital & IPO Funding – Recent and planned capital raises.
  • Small Business Administration Loans – Recent SBA Loans.
  • Federal Contract Awards – Recent Federal Contract Awards.
  • Merger and Acquisition Activity –M&A Activity data including links to articles.
  • Extended Firmographics – Alternate company names, phone, geolocation, parent company.
  • Extended Address Data – Additional company address data for direct mail.
  • Financials (US Public Companies) – Public Company Financial Information.


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Mmojo’s mission is to use software technology to transform the way businesses work with B2B marketing data. We combine the highest quality data from industry leaders with our patent pending software technologies to make valuable data easily accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes.

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