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Movable Ink Launches Exchange Partner Marketplace at Think Summit 2019

Visual experience platform provider helps enterprise brands bring their martech stacks into the visual era with marketplace of partner solutions and integrations
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Movable Ink, the visual experience platform provider for digital marketing leaders, announced today at its annual Think Summit, the launch of Movable Ink Exchange, a new marketplace of partner solutions and integrations. With Movable Ink Exchange, clients can explore and discover an extensive offering of partner integrations and solutions for next-best actions, loyalty, recommendations, user-generated content and more. The Movable Ink Exchange launched with dozens of partners, including featured solutions from CrowdTwist, Pega, Phrasee, and SmarterHQ.

Movable Ink is working closely with its fast-growing ecosystem of technology partners to enable financial service, media, travel, retail, and other consumer brands to harness the full value of their martech stack for the visual era. By enabling partner solutions in the exchange, marketers can use Movable Ink to unlock data from existing martech investments to automatically generate personalized visuals for campaigns across email, mobile, web, and display. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, each integration is tailored to the unique business needs of our clients.

“Brands have invested heavily in building robust marketing stacks for understanding and targeting customers, but the key piece that’s missing is an easy way to unlock that data for use in marketing campaigns,” said Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink. “Movable Ink Exchange is a gateway to higher ROI for brands martech investments by delivering more sophisticated, customer-centric campaigns that deliver results and provide the experiences that customers expect.”

Movable Ink Exchange makes it easy for clients to discover powerful integrations across a wide variety of martech solutions, including customer data management, e-commerce, loyalty, next-best-action, offer management, ratings and reviews, recommendations, and user-generated content. From tapping into next-best action data from Pega to real-time loyalty information from CrowdTwist, Movable Ink Exchange exposes the many opportunities marketers have to increase the ROI of their existing martech stack.

“Both Pega and Movable Ink share a common vision to dynamically drive 1:1 personalization by delivering the right content at the right time in context to each customer,” said Rupen Shah, Vice President of ISV Alliances & Strategy, Pega. “By being a part of the Movable Ink Exchange, clients can more easily discover how Movable Ink enhances Pega’s real-time decisioning software to deliver jaw-dropping customer moments – creating happier, more loyal, and more valuable customers.”

The Movable Ink Exchange is currently available. Clients can access the marketplace through the Movable Ink platform or explore all available solutions and integrations at exchange.movableink.com.

About Movable Ink
Movable Ink helps digital marketers create visual experiences that move people. More than 700 of the world’s most innovative brands rely on Movable Ink’s visual experience platform to automate the creation of unique on-brand experiences for each consumer across email, web, and display. With more than 300 employees, the company is headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and London. Learn more at movableink.com.

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