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Moz Launches Performance Metrics Suite for better Web Experience

New feature enables SEOs to analyze Core Web Vitals in bulk and view performance through a holistic SEO lens
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Moz, Inc., the leader in search engine optimization technology, today announced the launch of a Performance Metrics suite, a new beta feature within the Site Crawl toolset in Moz Pro. The Performance Metrics suite saves Moz Pro customers time with the ability to analyze thousands of URLs of their choosing directly within their SEO platform. The new feature also provides insights on how to improve overall on-site user experience.

The launch comes ahead of Google’s planned algorithm changes. Beginning this summer, ranking factors will include a new signal called “Page Experience,” incorporating Core Web Vitals, in addition to basic search signals. Core Web Vitals are a subset of factors that Google considers important in a page’s overall user experience in relation to a site’s loading speed, interactivity and stability.

“SEO strategies can’t be limited to just content and links. In order to outrank your competitors and engage customers, SEOs increasingly have to understand the overall health of a website and how that impacts experience,” said Tom Capper, Senior Search Scientist at Moz. “With our new Performance Metrics suite, we’re equipping SEOs – ahead of Google’s algorithm change – with a simplified process to get the whole picture of their page experience and performance factors, and the steps to take to improve them.”

The Performance Metrics beta pulls in all Core Web Vitals using Google’s Lighthouse API, as well as additional performance metrics that can improve the page experience for end users. Within the beta, Moz Pro customers are able to quickly, yet thoroughly, evaluate factors critical to their search performance. What once was a time-intensive task is now a seamless part of the Site Crawl workflow. Customers are able to:

  • Analyze thousands of pages in bulk per month
  • Compare mobile versus desktop performance scores
  • View performance data alongside additional search data
  • Understand opportunities for performance improvement
  • Receive insights from Moz’s Search Scientists on how to fix issues and why they matter

“Moz has come to the rescue with the performance metrics information just in time for the Core Web Vitals shift,” said Andy Gremett, Director of Product Marketing at Pepperdata. “The new metrics dashboard helps me determine at a high-level what pages need the most attention to increase their performance and what might be holding an individual page back from performing as well as it should. The information also allows me to communicate more clearly with my web developer to enable any fixes and ensure my key pages stay relevant within the SERPs.”

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