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RocketDocs Launches New Brand

RocketDocs Launches New Brand

Customer Appetite for Expanded SaaS Offerings Leads to Name Change

RocketDocs, Inc. announced today that it has changed its name from Proposal Software to better reflect the expanding breadth of offerings on its SaaS platform. Driven by the needs of its enterprise users, RocketDocs continues to serve RFP and proposal teams while also addressing the needs of other customer-facing teams, including sales, sales operations, sales engineering, professional services, customer success, marketing, and technology.

First to market in the proposal automation space over 15 years ago, RocketDocs initially succeeded in serving B2B enterprises responding to a high volume of RFPs.  Over time, an influx of DDQs and security questionnaires as well as demands for custom presentations, statements of work, and proactive proposals led RocketDocs users to request automation tools to support these additional types of customer requests.

PJ Bellomo, CEO of RocketDocs, observed “If you peek inside a B2B enterprise, you’ll find most customer-facing teams struggle daily with content chaos. Firms coach knowledge workers to repurpose content and avoid reinventing the wheel. But 30 years into a computing revolution, talented professionals trudge through electronic repositories on a scavenger hunt for the right content. If successful, this hunt leads to a tedious and iterative chore of cut, paste, and reformat to assemble customer-ready documents. It’s silly, slow, and frustrating.”  According to analyst firm SiriusDecisions, 60 to 70 percent of content in B2B organizations goes unused, largely because employees can’t find it or don’t know it exists.i

Committed enterprises have reported dramatic improvements in speed and accuracy with document automation. In 2017 a Fortune 500 firm deployed a RocketDocs offering to automate its process for proactive sales presentations and proposals.  Previously, the process took an average of 10 hours to produce customer-ready documents; and despite the 10 hours, the documents contained an intolerable level of content inaccuracy.  The RocketDocs solution cut process response time to 1 hour while driving content accuracy above 99%.  Given the thousands of customer-facing employees affected by the process improvement, the financial impact equated to an unheard-of 14-day payback period.

“When firms commit to improving the speed and quality of their customer responses, they get wins on several fronts. Customer satisfaction goes up and attrition goes down. Costs stabilize or decrease. Sales cycles shorten and win rates increase. We’ve seen a number of enterprises wrap their arms around the content chaos and document automation challenge to ultimately yield 10x gains,” Bellomo added.

At its upcoming user conference in late September, RocketDocs will share its product roadmap with existing and prospective customers. The company plans to announce a series of enhancement to its flagship proposal automation tool along with three new SaaS offerings planned for release over the next three quarters.

About RocketDocs 

Originally founded as Proposal Software, RocketDocs serves B2B enterprise customers who need to improve the speed and quality of their responses to customers.  RocketDocs combines SaaS technology with best practices to deliver improved speed and accuracy for RFP and proposal teams as well as other customer-facing teams, including sales, sales operations, sales engineering, professional services, customer success, marketing, and technology.

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