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Decision Fatigue

Decision Fatigue is Ruining Online Shopping, But Existing Tech Can Help

Online shopping should be easy, but a recent survey from Software Advice reveals that it’s becoming increasingly challenging due to decision fatigue. …
Customer Experience, Service & Success

Revolutionizing Customer Interactions: Introducing Converse AI by Qwary

Businesses have traditionally used common tools to gather and assess customer feedback, including surveys. However, these methods have limitations, such …
Data Analytics

Sales Tracking, Social Media Monitoring & Online Tracking matter in DDDM

GoodFirms, a universally renowned B2B ratings and reviews platform, released its recent survey research report,”Data-Driven Decision-Making (DDDM): Key Advantages, Expert …
CMS & Web Experience Management

Internet Society Foundation Appointed New EVP and Managing Director

The Internet Society Foundation today announced the appointment of Chris Locke as the new Executive Vice President (EVP) and Managing Director. In …
Marketing Analytics, Performance & Attribution

LILT announced the launch of AI Analytics

LILT, the leading AI solution for enterprise translation and content creation, today announced new product releases including AI Analytics and …

nShift Go Native Launches to Boost Delivery Choices for E-commerce

nShift Go Native enables ecommerce platforms and online B2C marketplaces to easily offer multi-carrier deliveries to their retailers via a single …
Retail, Proximity & IoT Marketing

Info-Tech’s Guide to Enhancing Customer Value & Business Growth

Retailers today face relentless pressure to stay competitive, drive innovation, and elevate their market positions. In such a dynamic environment, …
Display & Programmatic Advertising

Elo Launches Revolutionary 04- & 54-Series Touchscreen Digital Signage

Touchscreen digital signage is an essential part of modern business, and Elo, as a global leader in interactive devices, has …
MarTech Strategy
Guest Blogs

Closing the Generative Gap: Marrying Data and Creativity for a Smarter AI MarTech Strategy

As interest in MarTech artificial intelligence technologies continues to accelerate, many businesses have focused narrowly on generative content creation without …