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NewsCred, the premier sponsor at CMW 2019, showcases powerful new analytics across content optimization, team production, & pipeline attribution

Company expands category-leading CMP with new features to optimize content creation, measure team efficiency, and quantify pipeline impact from generation to closed-won revenue
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NewsCred, the world’s leading enterprise content marketing platform (CMP) provider, further extended the capabilities of its solution with powerful new analytics across digital content optimization, team efficiency and content production, as well as pipeline attribution — all of which is on full display this week at Content Marketing World 2019 (booth #407).

“Calculating the impact of money, time, and effort is critical for any investment. Marketing campaigns and content are no exception,” said Shafqat Islam, NewsCred’s Co-Founder & CEO. “In today’s performance-first era, the most successful campaigns marry the art of exceptional content creation with the science of measurable results. Demonstrating those results, however, requires access to meaningful, accurate data that both inform content creation and prove the value of campaigns and content on the bottom line.”

NewsCred’s category-leading CMP now surfaces those analytics at every stage of the marketing campaign and content lifecycle — through planning, ideation, creation, and measurement — by delivering data-driven insights across the entire platform.

The NewsCred team will be on-site at CMW 2019 and demonstrating a few of those new features, including:

  • Content Optimizer, the CMP’s built-in writing assistant, uses real-time data to provide an overall content score — as well as analysis and recommendations for optimization — to help marketing teams measure content quality and ensure that all of their digital copy (across articles, landing pages, press releases, and more) is optimized for relevance, readability, and search ranking.
  • Operational & Production Analytics provide both a high-level summary as well as granular reporting to identify opportunities for execution improvement and track how much content is actually being produced against the plan — by themes, audiences, geographies, and other attributes.
  • Pipeline & ROI Analytics help marketers demonstrate the value of their work by tying content directly to the metrics that mean the most: pipeline generated and pipeline influenced. With the ability to attribute individual pieces of content to specific opportunities and closed-won deals, marketers have full visibility into who is consuming what content, and when, and the ability to accelerate buyers through the funnel.

Together, these features are designed to give marketers an unparalleled set of insights to optimize the entire customer journey (via high-quality content), maximize team efficiency and output, as well as quantify the full-funnel impact of content on sales pipeline and revenue.

“Without proper analytics across every stage of the content lifecycle, marketers often see a disconnect between the content they’re producing and the content that is actually making an impact,” said Christine Polewarczyk, Service Director, Content Strategy and Operations at SiriusDecisions. “Understanding the impact content has on sales pipeline and revenue creates a feedback loop for marketers to plan, create, and publish better content, ultimately increasing the efficiency and output of their teams.”

NewsCred will be showcasing the full breadth of its solution — across technology, content, and services — at Content Marketing World 2019, held September 3-6, in Cleveland, Ohio. To learn more, visit the NewsCred team at Booth #407 this week or go to

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NewsCred, the global leader in enterprise content marketing technology, transforms the way marketing organizations work, elevating team performance through an integrated approach to marketing. Through its complete solution of technology, content, and services, NewsCred brings marketing teams together with the tools to ideate, plan, create, govern, and measure integrated campaigns and supporting content — all from a single platform.

Founded in 2008, NewsCred partners with hundreds of enterprise customers across the globe, including Twitter, Fidelity, Cisco, and more, to elevate marketing performance and drive business value. Learn more at, join our community at NewsCred Insights, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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