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Nielsen Supercharges Ad Intelligence Platform

Nielsen Ad Intel Launches Search as a Media Type with Data from The Search Monitor,BIScience's AdClarity Data Provides More Robust Digital Metrics
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Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) today announced that it is augmenting the U.S. digital capabilities of Nielsen Ad Intel, a market-leading advertising intelligence solution. As part of the enhancements, Ad Intel is expanding its digital footprint by launching search data as a new media type and offering more robust, relevant and richer digital advertising data first for existing mobile, desktop, display and video placements and in the future, for social and in-app platforms. The breadth and depth of the solution enables an increased level of measurement and visibility into advertising spend that is needed in today’s constantly changing advertising models.

As technology cements its role in the media ecosystem, publishers and advertisers are embracing new advertising opportunities. With new platforms coming online, the industry must rely on proven tools to help monitor and make sense of advertising activities to create media strategies that help brands and publishers stand out. Market demands will not only continue to increase, but they will require even more sophisticated data that is trusted, high-quality, and detailed.

Ad Intel, with its extensive historical inputs, wide range of media categories (24), and high levels of accuracy, helps navigate market place complexities and provides actionable competitive intelligence to identify prospects, analyze brand strategies, and learn from past campaigns to plan for the future. With the enhancements to Ad Intel, media buyers and sellers have greater flexibility, speed and ease to monitor, adjust and measure their ad performance, and create more dynamic advertising plans. The expanded capabilities of Ad Intel include:

  • Search as a Media Type: In today’s fragmented media ecosystem it is important to have a solution that provides a holistic view of all the platforms (TV, radio, digital, print, etc.) where ads are delivered and consumed. Search will now be available as a media type in Ad Intel. To provide search data to its clients, Nielsen is working with The Search Monitor, a leading provider of precision ad intelligence for the search marketer. By having search, Ad Intel subscribers will have real-time market and competitive intelligence across a wide-spectrum of search advertising channels including paid, organic, and product listing ads, across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Richer Digital Ad Insights: Digital advertising is a cornerstone of any marketing campaign. The intricacies of the digital advertising marketplace require more dynamic data and insights to capture a true picture of ad performance. Nielsen is supercharging Ad Intel’s digital data capabilities through a collaboration with BIScience and its AdClarity ad intelligence solution. This robust digital data will provide increased coverage by measuring additional sites and advertising types, with more accurate representation of digital ad buys, better industry alignment incorporating innovative methodologies that integrate virtual and human panel data, inclusive of desktop and mobile devices, in a secure, privacy-safe way.

“Today’s ad industry is crowded and complex. The challenge for brands, agencies and publishers is keeping track of their ad performance, effectiveness of their creative and competitors, while making identifying new audiences both an art and a science,” said Heather Jordan, SVP, Ad Intelligence Products, Nielsen. “More than anything, the media ecosystem needs fast, quality digital ad intelligence data that helps keep tabs where ad dollars are being spent and how to best optimize them for future campaigns. The robust digital and search data from BIScience and The Search Monitor ensure that Ad Intel clients have access to the most reliable, robust, and representative ad intelligence datasets in the marketplace.”

In future product releases, Nielsen will incorporate features that increasingly enhance the user experience allowing for even quicker access to data and providing clients with greater control over creative messages and key data elements within their reports. In addition, Ad Intel will roll out capabilities that allow users to measure display and video ads rendered on social and in-apps platforms. The enhancements to Ad Intel are part of Nielsen’s effort to arm the industry with actionable, comprehensive and relevant competitive metrics that help establish a more flexible, connected and intuitive way for media buyers and sellers to evaluate ad performance across-platforms and make smarter decisions.

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