OnBrand Studio Martech Feature with CMO, Bynder – Andrew Hally

Andrew from Bynder talks about Marketing Analytics & Marketing automation in DAM along with discussing the upcoming advertising event Studio OnBrand

“Creative automation tools actually liberate creatives from having to hand-generate the countless, almost identical versions of each asset necessary to fuel effective personalization “

1. Tell us about your role at Bynder.
I am the chief marketing officer at Bynder, which is a digital asset management platform. As a DAM provider, we help marketing teams collaborate in the cloud to more easily create, store, find, and utilize their assets. Marketers get more usage and impact from their creative assets, while keeping everything on brand.

2. Describe your journey into this market.
I’ve always been a bit of a growth company junkie; helping scale up marketing organizations is my jam! Bynder is actually the seventh growth company I’ve been a part of. Like many college grads, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I graduated college, so I got into management consulting. This ended up being a great introduction to business because I would watch really small start-up companies completely overturn industries. I wanted to be part of that! Once I actually started in these types of companies, I just fell into marketing because it’s such a rewarding and intellectually stimulating part of an organization. I really feel lucky to have found something that I actually enjoy doing.

3. Tell us about Studio OnBrand and how the conference will explain how to produce valuable insights for global branding and marketing pros.
This year’s Studio OnBrand will bring together today’s most influential names in brand marketing to tackle the industry trends on everyone’s mind, ranging from the COVID-19 effect on branding to the impact of the remote-work revolution. Our speakers will span a variety of industries, so attendees will have the opportunity to hear tips and tricks about connecting and engaging with consumers from all different types of voices.

4. What would you like attendees to get out of this event?
Studio OnBrand is all about “uncovering the future of branding.” That’s why our talk tracks are created from the most relevant marketing, technology, and design trends. We focus entirely on today’s trends because we want our attendees to be able to tackle tomorrow with the latest expert insights. Attendees will leave with a great understanding of how to utilize today and tomorrow’s marketing trends to really engage with consumers.

5. What do you expect this event to look like compared to past years that have been in-person?
OnBrand is changing its format this year to align with today’s new normal. This year will be 100% virtually live-streamed to our community of 25K followers; it will be just as impactful as years prior. The event will feature keynotes, panel discussions, interactive Q&A sessions, and intimate interviews with some of the biggest names in branding today. While we may be straying from the typical format, we’re still focused on uncovering “what’s next?” in branding that our community has come to expect, including the future consumer, the future of creative work, and the state of brand marketing.

6. What is the significance of digital asset management in the MarTech arena?

Modern digital asset management systems provide features that help marketers throughout every step of the content lifecycle – from ideation and creation to publishing and content distribution.

At their core, DAMs provide the “single source” for marketing assets to be used across the organization, speeding campaign execution and ensuring on-brand execution. They eliminate manual tasks in the creative process and automate repetitive production work, which allows creative teams to focus more on the fun stuff – the strategy behind creative and content. DAMs also help teams unify their brands under one digital roof, which in turn increases impressions and lowers their cost-per-impression.

7. Can you explain to us in detail about Bynder Analytics?
Bynder analytics gives marketers insight into how their assets are being used and how creative content is performing so that designers and brand managers can make data-driven decisions about future marketing investments as well as identify and fix workflow bottlenecks.

8. What marketing trends have you seen emerge in the past couple of years?
COVID-19 ushered in several new marketing trends over the past several months. From multinational corporations to your local ice cream shop, the new “business-as-unusual” has forced brands to prioritize transparency and mission values. Now, more than ever before, “brand purpose” is being put to the test, as brands actually have to practice what they preach in their mission statements. Agility, to respond to quickly changing market facts and consumer sentiment, is at a premium. At OnBrand, we’ll be providing some clarity on what role branding plays in the “new normal,” exploring the big questions like “What are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to consumer engagement?” and “How should COVID-19 influence our brand strategy – now and in the future?”

9. Can you tell us about how automation is a positive thing for creativity?
Now there’s a shocking statement! But, yes it’s true –

creative automation tools actually liberate creatives from having to hand-generate the countless, almost identical versions of each asset necessary to fuel effective personalization.

For example, digital and video templating tools, like Bynder’s Digital Brand Templates and Video Brand Studio, make marketing execution teams self-reliant by quickly creating the brand-consistent content they need, and achieve faster time-to-market. And, by empowering marketers to scale content creation and distribute independently and in line with brand guidelines, creatives can concentrate on what they do best: creating original, memorable campaigns that strengthen brand identity and inspire trust.

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Andrew Hally is the chief marketing officer at Bynder which is a digital asset management software used to collaborate globally, produce, review and approve new marketing collateral, and circulate company content at the click of a button.

Bynder is the fastest way to professionally manage digital files. Teams get on the same page for real-time collaborative edits and approvals, easy file sharing and storage, auto-formatting for channels and file types - it provides one central hub for all company materials and messaging. With the company creative at your fingertips, your next big idea is a click away.

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