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Ortto adds next-generation chat solution, Talk to its platform

"Talk", an AI-powered omnichannel live chat tool from martech Ortto, will be a "game changer" for businesses, says CEO.

A new AI-powered, omnichannel engagement tool released today [27 April] promises to revolutionize the way businesses engage and support their customers and completely disrupt the live chat space. The next-generation chat solution, Talk, is the newest addition to the award-winning marketing automation and customer data platform, Ortto. Talk allows businesses to speak to their customers across multiple channels through a single interface, providing the entire business with a complete view of the customer journey in one place.

CEO and co-founder of Ortto, Michael Sharkey, comments:

“More and more businesses are looking to cut costs by consolidating their tech stacks at the moment, but it’s crucial that they don’t compromise customer experience in the process and risk new or existing relationships.

We built Ortto so that businesses can bring all their data, analytics, and marketing automation into one platform. Talk is the next evolution of this, adding a complete omnichannel engagement solution to Ortto. Talk is designed to feel like you’re using your favorite messaging app, and empowers your team to have super-human knowledge of the business with the help of fine-tuned AI, all in one place. I’m confident that there’s no other live chat product on the market that can compete with what businesses will be able to achieve with Talk.”

Omnichannel marketing campaigns across email, push notifications, and SMS based on rich customer data insights is fundamental to Ortto’s award-winning platform. With Talk, businesses will be able to make the conversation two-way across channels from a single chat interface, which is designed to feel like a personal messaging app.

Sharkey continues:

“Everyone talks about omnichannel engagement, but what does that really mean? Most of these interactions are one-way, or with bots that are designed to deflect rather than engage customers in conversation. These conversations usually take place across multiple channels, leaving agents without context and forcing customers to repeat information. We’re taking omnichannel engagement to a whole new level by not only making the conversation genuinely two-way, but being able to switch from one channel to another – from live chat to email to SMS back again – from one place.”

Talk also lets businesses capitalize on the latest advances in AI and GPT-4 in their conversations, allowing them to train a custom AI model on content from their own websites, technical documentation, support tickets, and previous conversations, providing suggested replies that will get smarter over time.

Sharkey continues:

“The era of AI is going to bring about a profound change in how we communicate with our customers, and dramatically improve the productivity – and brainpower – of our teams. Rather than just talking about AI as being something that’s still in the future for businesses, we’re delivering it to customers today with a solution that gives agents superhuman powers to answer complex questions about a product’s API – even if they have no idea how to code.

“AI isn’t a bolt-on generic gimmick – it’s technology that has the power to completely transform the way we work and it’s here now. We want our customers to be able to take advantage of these advances as soon as possible and see the immediate benefits that come from incorporating AI into their day-to-day work. With Talk, they can do that.”

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