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Plesk introduced Sitejet Builder for Plesk


Plesk, a leading web hosting management platform and part of the WebPros family of brands, has recently introduced Sitejet Builder for Plesk, a free website builder fully integrated into Plesk that enables users of all levels to effortlessly create and manage websites quickly, with no coding skills required.

Designed with the latest technologies and suitable for hosting environments, Sitejet is built to enhance the success of web professionals, e-commerce stores, SMBs, and agencies.

“Our primary goal has always been to enhance customer and partner experiences through continuous investment in technology modernization and innovation,” said Sean Melton, Chief Marketing Officer of WebPros. “With the release of Sitejet Builder for Plesk, we are empowering our partners with a state-of-the-art DIY website builder for their customers that is easy-to-use, self-explanatory, and speeds up the publishing time immensely. With Sitejet, you’ll not only keep pace with SaaS-based DIY builders but also conquer new markets and increase revenue by retaining 100% of your profits.”

A Modern, User-Friendly Website Creation Tool

Sitejet Builder makes website creation easy for everyone, regardless of their level of design, content, or web development expertise. The easy-to-use editor enables anyone to create and publish fast, responsive, and SEO-friendly websites quickly. Websites are automatically installed, hosted, and secured on the Plesk server, so they can handle increasing demands without compromising on performance. Sitejet Builder’s integration into Plesk streamlines domain management and scaling, offering enhanced multi-site management.

The power of the Plesk control panel and the seamless functionality of Sitejet Builder enable anyone to create high performing websites that drive conversions. It’s the perfect choice for both current and new Plesk users, as well as our partners’ customers.

Unveiling Sitejet Builder’s Innovative Features

The Sitejet Builder for Plesk includes:

  • 140+ Professionally Designed Website Templates
  • Responsive, Fast, and SEO-friendly Websites
  • AI Text Generator to Create and Embed Copy Directly Into the Page
  • White Labeling Capabilities For Our Partners
  • 100% Retained Earnings for Partners

Sitejet Builder is pre-enabled for all new Plesk servers (Plesk 18.0.55 and above) and will soon be auto-enabled for existing ones (Sitejet is compatible with Plesk 18.0.54+). Plesk customers and partners can activate Sitejet Builder directly via Install Application in the Plesk Domain Card or find it in the Plesk Extension Catalog. Once installed, users can create Sitejet websites via Add Domain in their dashboard.

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