PowerInbox Now Jeeng, Reflects Personalized, Automated Messaging

Expanded Platform Moves Beyond Monetization to Offer Digital Publishers Proven Audience Engagement & Revenue Growth Through Email, Push Notifications & More
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PowerInbox, the trusted email engagement and monetization partner for publishers, today unveiled a complete rebrand and new name: Jeeng, which more accurately reflects the company’s expanded vision and innovation roadmap for delivering personalized, automated messaging for publishers.

The rebrand comes on the heels of over 20% YoY growth for the company in 2020 with more than 700 publishers, including Nexstar, Hometalk, US Magazine (A360 Media), Seattle Times and Business Insider (Insider Inc.), now using the platform to drive audience engagement and revenue. As the company’s platform expands beyond email monetization to include personalized email and browser push messaging and monetization plus newsreader content monetization, the new name gives Jeeng room to grow in delivering data-driven solutions that help publishers engage new and existing audiences with personalized content across multiple channels.

Jeeng Helps Publishers Bring Their Audience Back
Publishers are under tremendous pressure to grow audience, improve engagement and enhance revenue as browser-based cookies become obsolete and social and search gobble up an increasingly larger share of ad spend. And because search and social platforms control the audience relationship through the always logged-in state of users, it’s impossible for publishers to learn audience preferences from that traffic to give them the personalized content and experience they expect. Marketing automation tools are too complex and cumbersome—publishers need a simple solution that suits their unique needs.

Jeeng solves those problems, giving publishers direct, 1:1 interaction with their audiences over channels they control, allowing publishers to create a “logged-in” user even without a paid subscription model.  They can learn more about the content individual visitors want and deliver it over the preferred, most effective channel. Using AI, Jeeng converts anonymous site visitors into logged-in subscribers through contextual sign-ups and then automatically curates content for each individual based on their known preferences and site behavior. Jeeng then sends out the curated content over email, push notification or other channels automatically, bringing audiences back to the publisher’s site again and again.

Beyond the Inbox with Built-in Monetization Options
The platform can even track audience interactions across multiple channels to build a rich identity graph of each subscriber in a privacy-compliant way that does not rely on third-party cookies. Publishers can also monetize their messages to drive new revenue beyond display ads and paywalls, and Jeeng is the only platform that enables news reader monetization, allowing publishers to monetize 100% of their news reader traffic.

“Since we’ve moved beyond the inbox with a platform that gives us and our customers so many other engagement options, ‘PowerInbox’ felt a little like a keepsake box that was bursting at the seams,” said Jeeng CEO Jeff Kupietzky. “As Jeeng, we have room to grow and continue innovating without feeling boxed-in. It’s a new era in audience engagement, and we can’t wait to help publishers reach their goals.”

The new name is borrowed from the Jeeng messaging platform, which PowerInbox acquired in May 2020, and it uses onomatopoeia to evoke the sound of a new message notification—the irresistible chime that makes users instinctively reach for their phones and engage with the message, which is exactly what publishers get from Jeeng.

“Having the ability to engage directly with our audiences to better understand their interests gives us a huge advantage in giving them the personalized experience they expect,” said Paul Dousset, chief innovation officer and senior vice president with Empire Media Group, which operates 12 marquee publishing brands including RadarOnline and OK! Magazine. “Jeeng not only gives us this capability, but also makes it incredibly easy with just a single line of code added to our website, and with the added monetization, it pays for itself.”

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