Really Simple Systems CRM Launches Its 2019 User Conference

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Leading cloud CRM vendor, Really Simple Systems, has launched its 2019 User Conference, to be held on Thursday, 6th June.

Themed around the topic of “Automation and Integration” the event includes specialist guest speakers and practical workshops to bring customers up to date with the digital transformation of the marketplace.

Really Simple Systems has gained a reputation for hosting fun and interactive user conferences at interesting venues, and this year is no different. The conference will be held at the amazing Bombay Sapphire Distillery in Hampshire, UK, where delegates can also tour the venue and sample its famous gin.

Seminars, networking and education
This is the company’s third annual User Conference, creating the opportunity for the Really Simple Systems team to meet face-to-face with its CRM users. The conference aims to address small business owners’ concerns of being left behind in the new industrial revolution.

“The fast pace of technology can be difficult for small businesses to keep up with,” comments the company’s CEO, John Paterson. “Yet in today’s market it’s essential SMEs embrace digital transformation to maintain competitiveness. Really Simple Systems is supporting its customers by integrating its CRM with other cloud partners and the conference lets us demonstrate how automation can increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace.”

International team success
Paterson continues, “Our annual User Conference also provides the opportunity for our international team to come together and celebrate our success.” The Really Simple Systems teams from Hungary and Australia will be flying in for the event, meeting up with their UK colleagues and customers.

About Really Simple Systems
Established in 2006, Really Simple Systems is one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based CRM systems. Designed for small and mid-sized businesses operating B2B, its customers range from single user start-ups to 100 user systems, including the Red Cross, the Royal Academy of Arts, the British Museum and NHS. Featuring an integrated marketing module, Really Simple Systems CRM is credited as being super-easy to use with excellent customer support.

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