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Research Firm names CreaterIQ a leader in the Influencer Marketing Solutions

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CreaterIQ has been labeled as a leader in The Forrester New WaveTM : Influencer Marketing Solutions 2020 in the second quarter.

Forrester reported in the martech arena that the customers of CreaterIQ just love the way this platform pushes meaningful insights that are brand-specific into the major decisions that are to be made revolving around the selection as well as negotiation of influencers.

The research firm carried out thorough evaluations where it assessed several influencer marketing organizations and allotted them scores on different criteria such as:

  • The vision of the product
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Capabilities of Data Science
  • Data management of the Influencers
  • Influencer data access

These influencer organizations were also categorized into three distinct segments of-

  • In-house Platforms
  • Managed Platforms
  • Marketplaces

Igor Vaks, the CEO and founder of CreatorIQ expressed the euphoria and gratitude of the company for being recognized as a Leader of the industry and the best performing product in the given category, by Forrester. Igor further added that the vision of the company is powered by the belief that authentic influencer marketing as well as brand advocacy are a better and more powerful way of going about in the business. This belief of the company is endorsed and validated every day by the amazing work that the clients of the firm are doing and is also confirmed by the exponential growth of the company’s brand advocacy in-house programs.

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