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Rokfin Announces New Lineup of Content Verticals and Creators

Lifestyle and Food content now available alongside MMA, Wrestling, Comedy, and Political verticals on Rokfin platform
Rokfin Content Verticals and Creators

Rokfin, a subscription media company creating the world’s best platform for creators to monetize their content, today announced additional content verticals in Lifestyle along with new content creators across MMA, Comedy, and more.

Former NCAA wrestling champion Tony Ramos, comedian Krista Allen, and entrepreneur and media personality Lisa D’Amato are a few of the creators who have launched channels recently on Rokfin, which now features content from more than 30 contributors.

“We’re really encouraged by our growth, and this new group of talented creators only adds more value to our network,” Rokfin founder and CEO Martin Floreani said. “The current options available to creators who want to monetize their work are insufficient and unsustainable. It’s promising to see that our message is resonating both with creators and our subscribers.”

The new group of creators publishing on the Rokfin platform demonstrates a deepening understanding and acknowledgment on the part of YouTubers, podcasters, and others that they are getting a raw deal by Big Tech, which leverages creators through opaque algorithms, diminished organic reach, and dwindling payment distributions.

Influencers like Ben Askren, Jordan Burroughs, and Chael Sonnen have joined Rokfin because of the platform’s transparent system of rewarding creators based on their ability to acquire and retain subscribers, as well as for the network effects that they generate. By being rewarded for their work with the RAE Token, creators are participating in the growth of the network.

“We’re building the foundation for a more fair and democratic online ecosystem for content creators,” Floreani said. “Using blockchain technology and the RAE Token, we’re solving for a major problem in the media world that is only getting worse.”

Below is the list of new creators. Through their content published on Rokfin, they have earned a combined 90,000+ RAE Tokens worth more than $15,000 at current prices.

Tony Ramos
Emil Fischer
Josh Leduc
Rhett Butler
Izzy Martinez

Krista Allen
Maija Di Giorgio
Tommy Savitt
Nicholas Whitfield

Lisa D’Amato
Alexander Cortes & Ed Latimore

“I joined Rokfin because I’ve got a lot of knowledge to share and I want to engage with my fans and the wrestling community in new and innovative ways,” Ramos said. “It’s important for me to get my message out there, but also to maximize the return on my effort. Rokfin allows me to do both better than any other distribution channel.”

“I consider myself to be on the bleeding edge relative to business, fashion, and entertainment, so it’s natural for me to gravitate toward the next big thing in media,” D’Amato said. “Rokfin has been fun for me to share my life with fans, and also to be rewarded for my work in ways that are not possible through YouTube and other digital platforms.”

To learn more, visit or, or you can view the Rokfin or RAE Token blogs on Medium.

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About Rokfin
Rokfin Inc., a Delaware C Corp based in Austin, Texas, aims to develop the world’s best platform for creators to monetize content. Rokfin uses a practical application of blockchain technology to seamlessly compensate creators for the customers they bring, help retain, and the network effects they generate. Rokfin is the first platform within The Receive Access Ecosystem (RAE) that utilizes RAE Tokens to facilitate value transfers between creators, consumers, and platforms in a more transparent and fair digital landscape. The Rokfin team previously developed FloSports, a leading OTT, subscription sports platform consumed by several hundred million fans worldwide. Rokfin’s founding executives include experts in consumer marketing, content acquisition, product development, data science/analytics, and recent graduates from Penn University.

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