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Safary raises $2.4M to build Google Analytics Platform for Web3


Safary, the web3 alternative to Google Analytics, has announced the successful closure of its pre-seed round, raising $2.4 million USD. The round was led by Lemniscap, with participation from Arca, SevenX, Big Brain Holdings, Saison Capital, Diaspora Ventures, and 20 web3 angel investors – 14 of which are members of the Safary community.

The funding will be leveraged to add firepower to Safary’s team and accelerate the development of Safary’s marketing attribution platform, which enables Web3 teams to analyze their marketing CAC, channel ROI, and customer LTV. Safary’s free, user-friendly solution allows projects to unlock powerful Web3 analytics simply by adding one line of code to their website.

Google’s plan to phase out third-party cookies by 2024 means marketers will no longer be able to use the tracking methods they’ve long relied on to understand user behavior, personalize experiences, and optimize campaigns. Acknowledging this impending shift, Safary empowers marketers with the ability to protect user privacy while collecting only the data they need to make informed decisions.

As the only cookie-free Web3 tracking platform, Safary allows marketers to centralize their growth data and measure the results of any Web3 marketing campaign from organic content to KOLs, quests, ad networks, and more – offering critical insights without infringing on users’ privacy. Safary tracks wallets, shows Web3 conversions, and links to on-chain actions in an intuitive no-code dashboard.

Safary’s journey has been unprecedented, from launching as the first Web3 growth community, to evangelizing the Web3 growth ecosystem, and now to building a powerful growth platform. As Safary co-founder Justin Vogel says: “Growth leaders are at the center of everything we do – that means we’ll work hard to support them whether they’re using our software or not.”

Every new Safary member speaks one-on-one with a Safary co-founder, Justin Vogel or Eliott Mogenet, upon joining the community. They’ve spoken directly with over 400 Web3 growth leaders, more than any other team, giving them an intimate understanding of the most pressing growth challenges in the industry. The community now consists of heads of growth from Ledger,  dYdX, and over 200 Web3 companies.

Safary’s team is a unique blend of growth and privacy experts. Their founding engineer Ricardo Carvalho holds a PHD in data privacy, and the company’s technical advisor is among the leading experts on decentralized identity and privacy, having spent six years as a tech lead at ConsenSys.

Justin Vogel, Co-founder of Safary, said“We believe that growth leaders will change Web3 for the better, and with it the world. Our goal is to empower them with the network, knowledge, and technology they need to grow the next generation of great companies. We’ve built a next generation tracking platform designed to uphold the highest standards of privacy while offering valuable insights into the performance and efficacy of every marketing activity and campaign. We’re excited to join forces with leading Web3 investors to build the Web3 growth ecosystem and create a more ethical and secure data future for all.”

Roderik van der Graaf, Founder of Lemniscap, said“As the era of third-party cookies draws to a close, the digital marketing and data privacy landscapes are facing a watershed moment. Safary offers marketers a timely lifeline, providing a way to gather actionable intel without compromising user privacy. With an unrivaled partner network featuring top Web3 growth leaders, Safary is in prime position to address immediate industry needs and deliver a powerful new attribution system that can drive Web3 adoption. We look forward to supporting their mission to enable every company to thrive in the new internet.”

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