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Scoop develops an AI-powered conversational analytics platform

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Scoop has developed an AI-powered conversational analytics platform to help brands get better insights and optimize Sales

In a recent development that highlights how representative-customer communications can be leveraged to gain market intelligence, Scoop, a Netcore incubated startup, has developed an AI-powered conversational analytics platform designed to help Inside Sales teams to boost sales conversion enhancement.

Scoop utilizes machine learning to mine insights from customer interactions across voice, text, and video sources to discover sales opportunities. The insights gathered by the AI can be used to coach sales representatives, helping them win more deals with more efficient conversations over time.

Conversations between a sales representative and a customer are a storehouse of valuable data that usually lies untapped. These interactions usually happen across channels and mediums. Scoop ensures that every conversation is transcribed and searchable, which are then mined by machine learning algorithms to uncover unique market insights.

The platform provides a clear and timely view of customer intent while revealing the gaps and strengths of the representatives. This information can thus be analyzed to prepare a personalized coaching plan, shared with each representative, to unravel the mystery of why deals are won or lost. Scoop aims to enable enterprises to leverage conversational analytics, understand the key problems and eventually skyrocket their conversions.

VeerChand Bothra, Co-founder of Scoop, said that “Although enterprises have CRMs to address multiple customer problems, there is a need to go beyond that. Rep-customer conversations comprise a barrage of hidden details, which CRMs fail to cover. Analyzing this information is critical for an enterprise to win customers. Our latest product, Scoop, leverages ML algorithms to decode conversations and perform conversational analytics for generating effective marketing leads, helping digital sales teams close a deal during customer interactions. We foresee this product emerging as a game-changing tool for enterprises, helping them identify areas of improvement, and achieve large-scale success in the long run.”

Several enterprises are already leveraging new-age tools like chatbots, natural language processing, live chat, and automated speech recognition, among others to decipher conversations and help sales teams maximize conversions.

Scoop is an expansion of SalesTech that goes beyond CRM and is intricately designed to help enterprises secure more customers in the future.

Scoop’s founding team of experienced Product Managers, ML Engineers and Data Scientists is excited to be working on creating the product and its framework of conversational intelligence.

Scoop is being built with the belief that conversational intelligence is increasingly becoming a key enabler of content and commerce in the digital age and will play an essential role in adding value to the Inside Sales industry in the coming years. Scoop is a startup incubated by Netcore Solutions which enables them to move with vigour and find solutions for a variety of use cases presented by the industry.

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