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SDxCentral and KMCE Launch Japanese-Language Version of

SDxCentral and KCCS Mobile Engineering Co. (KCME) launched a Japanese-language version of the tech media site
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SDxCentral and KCCS Mobile Engineering Co. (KCME) launched a Japanese-language version of the tech media site

The partnership allows SDxCentral, a B2B media and martech company, to further expand into the Asia-Pacific market. For KCME, an information communication networks company, the partnership is an exciting opportunity to close a critical market gap for next-generation IT professionals in Japan.

“The media/advertising business has been my focus for many years. The latest information is gathered in this area, and you can obtain the kind of information users need,” said Hyungbae Kim, KCME President and CEO. “SDxCentral has its own reporters and also develops articles with a unique perspective. I feel very attracted by that martech news.”

“In this field, information can be distributed and the user’s voice and thoughts can be heard through SNS [social network service], which could be utilized not only in the media business but also in the KCME technology field of mobile and ICT [information communications technology] solutions, and could represent valuable marketing data,” Kim added.

The launch of the Japanese-language site is the culmination of a close partnership SDxCentral and KCME built over the past year. In early 2019, KCME approached SDxCentral about translating a small portion of SDxCentral’s content collection for syndication in Japan. As these conversations deepened, it became clear there was an even greater opportunity available to both companies marketing automation.

“The benefits of a Japanese-language site were clear from the start. Over 25% of our audience comes from the Asia-Pacific region and Japan is one of the most exciting markets within that region,” said Matt Palmer, SDxCentral co-Founder and CEO. “KCME has been a great partner in achieving the first step in delivering new value to our audience and our clients with native-language content.”

While the new site will feature only a portion of SDxCentral’s content, it has been hand-picked by SDxCentral’s team of editors and will be updated weekly. Advertising opportunities will be available to clients and sold by KCME. To visit the new site, go to

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