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Searching Blockchain FreeEed

Blockchain FreeEed

Reading and searching the Blockchain will soon become easier as SHMsoft Inc. of Houston, Texas is announcing the new capability for its FreeEed tool. Mark Kerzner, the president of SHMsoft, Inc. said that they are introducing FreeEed to the new market of Blockchain and Ethereum application developers. Martech

Blockchain contains multiple blocks that can hold any information. But, it is very different from a traditional database as it does not answer queries and is not that fast. The speed of writing also differs as it takes around 10 minutes to write one block of Bitcoin whereas, it takes around seven seconds to write one block of Ethereum. The information stored in Blockchain often requires being searched. For example, when any kind of eDiscovery with Blockchain needs a full search capability.

A tool like FreeEed is already a useful tool. It is used by researchers to do multiple investigations and by lawyers to do legal review and eDiscovery. You can provide any kind of data as input to FreeEed and it will index the data for searches. The input can be PST mailboxes, loose Office files as well as a load file produced to lawyers as a result of an eDiscovery request. This functionality now includes Blockchain also.

FreeEed is a constantly improving tool and people are vigorously working to modify it according to the needs of the hour. Adding input forms, machine learning and processing capabilities are a part of this process. As the tool is an open source software, it welcomes new additions. There is also a review part of FreeEed. It works through the browser and is known as ‘FreeEed Review’. The functionality used to implement text search is Elasticsearch. This enables you to look at the processed data through ELK, i.e., Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. These three are also open source.

So, enjoy searching and for any further information, contact Mark Kerzner on, or call on 713-568-9753.

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