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Seismic Launches Interactive Content to Improve Digital Engagement

New Content Types from Seismic Empower Brands to Offer Personalized and Engaging Experiences that Inspire Buyers to Act
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Seismic, the industry-leading and award-winning sales enablement and marketing orchestration platform provider, today announced the launch of new Interactive Content capabilities, enabling marketers and sellers to deliver high impact, personalized content at scale. Combined with Seismic’s market-leading personalization and content analytics, remote sellers can now come close to mimicking an in-person environment, in which they are adapting to buyer reactions and feedback in near real-time, resulting in higher win rates and faster sales cycles.

In today’s experience economy, modern B2B buyers expect every brand’s touchpoint to be engaging and directly relevant. In fact, 84 percent of customers say being treated with a personal experience is important to winning their business, and, according to a Seismic-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, 85 percent of respondents agreed that buyers are more likely to dismiss a seller in their first interaction if they don’t receive relevant, tailored information.

“Buyer expectations are high, and if the content brands are serving them is not relevant or engaging, they will disregard it,” said Doug Winter, CEO and Cofounder, Seismic. “Today it’s not just about what you say, it’s also how you say it. Content fatigue and information overload have become particularly pronounced in our new all-digital work environment. Sellers and marketers are in need of content types that captivate their audiences and move them through the buyer journey faster.”

Empowering innovation, advancing digital content experiences

Seismic Interactive Content addresses existing customers’ interest in finding new ways to generate revenue while expanding digital engagement support to sellers and marketers. Leading financial and technology companies are participating in Seismic’s Interactive Content early adopter program.

“There is a lot of opportunity with Seismic Interactive Content to allow Experian to provide rich, differentiating experiences to our buyers,” said Ron Nagel, Sr. Director, Sales Enablement and Strategic CRM Initiatives, Experian. “Seismic Interactive Content allows sellers to mimic an in-person conversation. Sending static sales presentations makes it difficult to have a natural dialogue, but Seismic Interactive Content allows sellers to show buyers that they are truly listening and adding value to the conversation. By taking advantage of Seismic Interactive Content in our sales motions, we are proving that we are cutting edge just like our products are.”

Seismic’s LiveContent allows organizations to build and provide digital experiences with just a few clicks. In addition, through our partnership and integration with Tiled, users can easily create Seismic microapps, delivering memorable evergreen content like digital brochures, pitch decks, 3D interactive visuals and more. With both LiveContent and microapps, marketers and sellers can deliver engaging experiences directly from Seismic, and increase pipeline, while tracking and measuring impact.

“Microapps unleash creative storytelling. Organizations that deliver their messages in conversational, self-directed ways will win. Those that don’t will be left behind,” said Darrell Swain, CEO, Tiled. “Linear content will ultimately go the way of print. We are moving into an experiential era that requires a new interactive content format that allows for the creation of rich, immersive experiences, without the need for code.”

Bringing sales content to life with LiveContent

Seismic LiveContent gives companies a scalable way to close deals faster with content tailored for specific buyers. Because LiveContent can be created using familiar presentation applications, marketers can quickly turn static materials into immersive sales content.

“Presentations are not intended to just be scrolled through,” continued Winter. “LiveContent allows a buyer to engage with a presentation remotely in a similar way that a seller would engage a buyer in person. With our Summer 2020 release, we are bringing sales content to life.”

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