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SendSmith launches email marketing API for developers

SendSmith has announced a suite APIs that empower 3rd parties
SendSmith launches email marketing API for developers

SendSmith announces the launch of a suite of APIs that empowers 3rd parties to integrate seamlessly with our platform and enjoy all of the features without having to control everything through our web interface. The APIs are offered over the RESTful technology which is currently the industry standard for platforms to talk to one another.

These APIs allow any developer to easily integrate SendSmith with any platform that supports RESTful APIs. Once the integration is complete you can utilize SendSmith to send out email newsletters and other email communications through your platform. This vastly expands the development scope and allows any developer to send out personalized emails as a group, track click-throughs, open rates, bounce backs, and other useful information about email recipients after each campaign. With the JSON format integration, developers can now quickly offer a whole set of email delivery functionality to clients through these integrations. SendSmith is made up of different modules and each one can be used separately or in conjunction with other modules; for instance, the native contacts management system with segmentation capabilities can be used as an independent module for any developer who wants to setup a cloud-based contacts management system.

SendSmith is a 2nd generation email marketing platform offered in a multitude of languages.

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