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Skai expands its partnership and integration with Snap Inc.

The partnership builds upon Skai's powerful automation, testing, and reporting capabilities to help advertisers analyze, manage, and optimize their Snapchat campaigns at scale
Skai expands

Skai, a leading omnichannel marketing platform, announced today that it has expanded its partnership and integration with Snap Inc., creator of Snapchat, making it easier for Skai users to manage their Snapchat campaigns alongside all other publishers. This expansion recognizes Snapchat’s status as an essential advertising publisher for Skai clients and reinforces Skai’s standing as a leading omnichannel marketing platform for advertising on performance media channels, including search, social, retail media and app stores.

With over 750 million monthly active users, and reaching over 75% of 13-34 year olds in over 20 countries, Snapchat is the social platform of choice for Gen Z and millennials. This year, Snap is focused on driving improved return on investment for advertisers, innovating to deepen the engagement of the Snapchat community, and continuing to lead in unique augmented reality (AR) capabilities. Through Skai’s expanded partnership with Snap, advertisers will gain more ways to connect their full funnel Snapchat campaigns with lower funnel sales on retail media networks. Within Snapchat, the partnership allows for improved analysis, optimization, and program amplification with essential editing capabilities that help assess, automate, and activate campaigns in alignment with all other performance media.

“Snapchat brings a unique consumer experience and audience. Our strategic partnership ensures marketers can maximize the opportunity and align their success in scaling Snapchat with the rest of their performance marketing programs,” said Paul Vallez, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Skai. “We’ve seen tremendous demand from clients who are looking to manage Snapchat alongside all of their advertising channels on our platform. Skai’s extended support enables marketers to measure the impact Snapchat has on the customer decision journey so they can align marketing budgets with business impact.”

With Skai, marketers will be able to get the most of out their Snapchat campaigns by:

  • Using Skai features they know and love like dimensions, categories, and tagging for organization; dashboards for visibility; Automated Actions for optimization; and cross-channel reporting
  • Automating formerly manual processes using features like Skai’s BuildURL, which allows for consistent tracking and attribution across social publishers and gives marketers a better sense of which channel is working best
  • Analyzing and optimizing creative using Skai’s soon-to-be-released Creative Center, which gives marketers AI-derived insights into creative performance across publishers and placements in one central location
  • Making better, faster decisions about where to allocate budgets to reach the right audience with the right messages using upcoming capabilities like Skai’s omnichannel Executive HQ, Creative Center, and Instant Reports.

“We are thrilled to welcome Skai to Snap’s revenue partnership ecosystem,” said Ali Rana, Global Head of Product & Revenue Partnerships at Snap Inc. “Skai offers advertisers a powerful campaign management suite alongside compelling automated optimization suggestions and cross-channel reporting tools. With this partnership, we will enable advertisers to leverage Skai’s expertise in campaign performance insights, ultimately helping our partners achieve greater success with their campaigns and driving growth and innovation in the industry. We can’t wait to see the impact of this collaboration in the coming weeks and months.”

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