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Spacee Launches HoverTouch™ Wall


Spacee, which provides the best computer vision and AI solutions that help businesses drive new insights, improve efficiency and boost revenue, today launched HoverTouch™ Wall, a new offering aimed to deliver engaging interactive content to customers.

Spacee is on a mission to change the way we experience our surroundings. With Spacee’s HoverTouch technology, existing surfaces transform to a fun, communicative, and interactive digitally enabled “screen” that can engage, educate, market and entertain without physically changing that surface. By providing immersive spatial experiences powered by computer vision, Spacee provides a first-of-its-kind, industry leading solution that brings “life” to desolate surroundings activated with a touch-free hover or a traditional touch.

With HoverTouch Wall, users engage with a 100” interactive wall to learn more about promotions, services, wayfinding, and specific product highlights. The bridge from the physical and digital worlds can be built on any spare wall to enhance the user experience or customer journey.

In retail, HoverTouch Wall upgrades the in-store customer experience by engaging with consumers in a digital way. Digital natives are kept off their phones focused on the in-store experience allowing retailers to go beyond “owning the first click” to converting the sale in-store and promoting a saleslift. HoverTouch Wall also supports bringing existing retailer’s social media content to re-use existing media collateral.

HoverTouch Wall has many uses, including enhancing employee engagement. Installed in break-rooms, shared spaces, and even manufacturing environments, HoverTouch Wall enables headquarter communications, on-floor machinery status, safety alerts, or even employee acknowledgment. The rich digital content is then leveraged to engage with employees to keep them up-to-date on important topics and provide training materials.

Activating the same applications run today on small handhelds on a HoverTouch Wall offers an unbreakable surface that is interactive despite safety gloves and offers data sharing with a halo-effect, simultaneously to multiple individuals on the floor rather than in the back office.

Key Benefits

  • Transform unused walls to educate on offerings while learning and guiding user behavior
  • Distinguished experience for visitors of exhibits, conferences, museums, and hospitality
  • Engaging interactive experience that provides sales-lift and/or impactful training
  • User-friendly portal for campaign and content setup
  • Content upload for easy use of existing marketing content
  • Advanced analytics with export feature
  • Plug-and-play install making it easy to roll-out

“Just think about the vast opportunities in being able to transform now unused walls to memorable, robust experiences that communicate on our behalf. This is true for retailers, conferences, restaurants, airports, just endless options. Suddenly, walls become a touchscreen that does not require touching and, more importantly, does not break – a game changer,” said Skip Howard, founder and CEO of Spacee. “HoverTouch Wall is allowing us to bring online tools to the physical world. This technology empowers businesses to better use their space, creating interactive displays on any spare wall, while providing that invaluable user data that is so readily available in the online world. With HoverTouch Wall we are finally bridging that important gap between the physical and digital store experience to drive sales.”

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