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Built around social media, the company is launching its new Intuition to initially categorize and route social posts related to customer care.

Over the last year, Sprinklr has repositioned itself as a customer experience cloud, centered around its former role as a social media listening and management platform.

In another move to boost its capabilities, the company is today adding the first installment of an artificial intelligence layer to its platform, called Intuition.

It initially tackles the customer care flow in the platform, where brands are often overwhelmed by the volume of social posts requesting help, asking questions or making complaints.

Sprinklr supports management of 26 different social platforms, and the company says that 80 percent of customers are reaching out to brands via social. Intuition can process more than 700 million messages a day across the social channels and employs machine learning to help it become better at recognizing patterns.

This is the first time Sprinklr has formally added a substantial AI capability, VP of Product Solutions Paul Herman told me. Previously, he noted, decisioning was handled through a rules-based process, which, at some point, becomes too cumbersome to process and filter large volumes of communications. Bu some brands are choosing to still use rules-based decisioning, he said.

The first two customer care functions for Intuition are Moderation and Smart Alerts. Moderation interprets incoming posts, classifies the ones that need attention and those that need urgent attention, and routes the most important ones to the appropriate responder.

Categories of classification include inquiry, complaint, brand affirmation or purchase intent. Sprinklr noted that Microsoft is employing this Moderation capability in its global customer experience center.

Smart Alerts recognizes patterns, based on volume of posts, mentions and sentiment. It can determine if a crisis is brewing by the nature and number of the communications and, if so, it prompts alerts.

Intuition has previously been made available to selected client companies, Herman said. He noted that initial results indicate it has doubled the number of communications a brand can process and has increased the engagement rate with customers anywhere from three to eight times.

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