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Supplyframe & Breadboard Media Partners for Content Marketing

Relationship Scales Content Marketing Effort to Further Strengthen Top-of-Funnel Engagement
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Robust technical content and effective content marketing continues to be one of the most important marketing capabilities in educating and influencing technology selection by engineers during new design cycles. In its latest effort to help semiconductor and electronic component companies engage with and influence engineers, Supplyframe today announced an exclusive partnership with Breadboard Media, a recognized leader in video content production for the electronics value chain.

Breadboard’s team of industry veterans, engineers, and creatives takes responsibility for its customers’ technical content; determines how best to deliver their messages; and provides quality media solutions including animation, audio work, video, written content, and more. This complements Supplyframe’s Design-to-Source Intelligence (DSI) Solutions, expands its ability to generate highly technical and engineer-specific original content for customers, and supports the digital marketing and content development strategies of the companies’ joint customers.

“With these combined offerings, no other digital media network or services company can match Supplyframe’s DSI network’s reach, scale, and content engagement,” said Steve Flagg, founder and CEO of Supplyframe. “We can connect investments in video-based content and assets into a broader digital campaign strategy across the Supplyframe syndicated network.”

Content marketing and webinars are the most effective marketing method for generating pipeline, according to a quarter (25%) of survey respondents. This category garnered the largest share in the survey. The 2021 Marketing to Engineers Survey went on to note that: “When taken together, video and blogging are two activities we believe create strong top-of-funnel attraction, and they make up 37% of the average marketer’s content budget.”

Yet while engineering and procurement professionals typically make buying decisions by doing their own online research – reaching out to suppliers only after they have done comparison shopping and made their selections – recent Supplyframe research indicates that fewer than a fourth (23%) of semiconductor and electronic component suppliers can identify and engage with newly active design cycles. This highlights that the global electronics industry is still in an early stage of digital customer engagement maturity, which limits suppliers’ ability to insert themselves into decision-makers’ journeys early in the funnel to influence buying decisions.

“Supplyframe’s Media Solutions provide unmatched reach to engage with engineers across the globe, and the intelligence gained from its DSI Network is unlike anything in the industry,” said Chris Anderson, technical director of Breadboard Media. “Pairing this with our technical content production capabilities allows us to deliver the right message to the right engineer at the right time – providing engineers with the information that they need to design next-generation products and helping our customers to tell their stories in the most effective way.”

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