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Surefire Local Launches Surefire Local Marketing Platform

Surefire Local, the industry’s leading provider of an all-in-one local marketing platform launches Surefire Local Marketing Platform

Surefire Local, a leader in providing an all-in-one local marketing platform that is designed to support small and medium-sized firms in attracting lifelong customers, increase revenue and expand reach in their local markets, today announced the launch of its new, cloud-based product, Surefire Local Marketing Platform. The future-generation platform that equips local businesses with the tools required to successfully manage their digital and traditional marketing efforts as well as provide real-time, actionable insights into marketing channels that provide the greatest rate of return. Through its intuitive platform, Surefire Local enables local companies of almost all sizes to maximize the ROI of new and existing clients, generate new, qualified leads and guide digital marketing investments to grow and scale profitably.

With over 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S. and more than 540K new ones being started every month, entrepreneurs and business owners are on a mission, not only to endure but also to flourish as they fight to grow, dominate the conversation and create credibility in a highly competitive and crowded marketplace. Surefire Local’s platform is designed natively to be an all-inclusive, technology-based marketing solution that can effectively, quickly, and consistently identify, attract, and convert leads.

Chris Marentis, founder and CEO of Surefire Local said that they have been working with local business owners for a long time and fully understand their strengths, limitations and pain points. They are thrilled to deliver a platform that provides real-time, actionable insights, analytics, and features to time-crunched small business owners enabling their voice to finally be heard in the market. With cutting edge, affordable marketing abilities, streamlined access, and numerous available integrations, Surefire Local’s technology will soon be the go-to local marketing platform for small and medium-sized companies around the globe.

Surefire Local’s all-in-one platform provides numerous digital marketing solutions in a single platform allowing users to gain a holistic view of all marketing efforts in one dashboard. Key features include:

  • Reputation Management – Request, manage, monitor, and respond to online reviews and ratings from all major first-party and third-party ratings and review websites.
  • Directory Listing Management – Get discovered and rank higher on Google as businesses improve local visibility through tracked directory listings spanning search engines, social networks, review sites, maps, and applications.
  • Content Marketing – Generate, schedule and distribute photos, videos, articles, tips, and other assets directly to blogs, social media channels and website pages with painless scheduling, approval workflows and content publishing documentation.
  • Lead Management – Immediately follow up on new potential customers with instant mobile contact notifications, or entice the sale with prebuilt campaigns developed to nurture and engage all without the agony of standard CRMs.
  • Search and Display Advertising – Advertise through search and display advertisements over search engines like Google and Bing or social media networks like Facebook and Instagram with pre-optimized campaigns that are effortless to geographically target and monitor, and are supported through built-in tools and tips.
  • Insights and Analytics – Maintain web presence through a robust suite of analytics spanning website traffic, social media monitoring, advertising programs, share of voice, call tracking, competitor benchmarking and more.

Gayle Milling, chief marketing officer at Home Franchise Concepts said that “The Surefire Local Marketing Platform has proven to be an exceptional turnkey solution for our franchisees by exponentially increasing their online, local presence across the digital marketplace. With native, hyper-local digital marketing and one-to-one customer communication tools, Surefire Local’s technology is crucial to attracting, converting and monetizing loyal, lifelong customers.”

By leveraging the power of Surefire Local Marketing Platform, businesses of all sizes can ensure continuous refinement, improvement and expansion of a company’s local reach and digital reputation. With only one sign-on and mobile access, with numerous integrations, small-sized firms can better monitor, track, and analyze its online marketing performance and presence in real-time. Surefire Local’s platform empowers local small companies to better connect and engage with potential and existing clients to develop wider brand awareness, generate a greater share of leads, deliver higher ROI and win against competitors. Since 2010, Surefire Local’s award-winning technology has enabled hundreds and thousands of local businesses in North America compete with industry giants across a multitude of industries, health and wellness, including home improvement, legal services, professional services and more.

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