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TapClicks Completes Acquisition of StatX

Integrates Mobile Data Visualization and Collaboration Capabilities into Omnichannel Marketing Operations and Intelligence Platform
TapClicks Completes Acquisition of StatX

TapClicks, the global leader in marketing intelligence, analytics, reporting, workflow and orders management, announced today that it has acquired StatX. StatX is a Silicon Valley-based fintech provider noted for its data visualization application that features deep integrations with Salesforce, Intuit, Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. This strategic acquisition will strengthen TapClick’s omnichannel marketing operations and intelligence solution by integrating StatX’s disruptive mobile data visualization and collaboration capabilities into the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform.

“TapClicks is excited to deliver the industry’s first mobile collaboration tool for marketing data visualization, operations and intelligence,” said Babak Hedayati, TapClicks CEO. “The ability to use data to tell success stories, optimize campaign performance and influence decision making is critical as the volumes of data available to marketers expands. With this integrated mobile offering, TapClicks is putting the power to collaborate around data at the fingertips of our customers and their end clients — whenever, wherever.”

The integration of StatX enables business stakeholders to generate interactive visual reports, manipulate them, and collaborate on the fly to inform decision making and optimize campaign performance, marketing mix and strategy from a single mobile application. By incorporating StatX into the TapClicks ecosystem and connecting it to the 200+ data sources included in the TapClicks Connector Marketplace, users have access to advanced technologies that enhance data usage and collaboration across business units, including finance, marketing and operations. TapClicks is providing its customers the ability to collaborate across devices and environments at scale with a consistent user experience that allows real times access to data and intelligence to streamline marketing operations and workflows.

“StatX is the best solution we’ve seen for integrating large volumes of data into a mobile platform that unlocks the power of collaboration across a business and its stakeholders,” said Syed Ahmed, TapClicks VP of Technology. “Its innovative mobile collaboration technology is unique in the marketing industry. StatX promises to create new opportunities for TapClicks customers by enabling them to create and manipulate data-driven visualizations in the same environment at the same time for multiple internal and external users.”

TapClicks is expanding the value of its marketing operations platform by creating a single dashboard that brings together marketing, operations and finance teams, enabling them to align with common budgeting and spending goals. The current version of StatX is a free solution that will be available to all TapClicks’ users and the brands, franchises, media companies, as well as the end clients they represent. Additionally, StatX’s existing 250,000 users will have unsurpassed access to the instant-on data feeds integrated into the TapClicks platform, including the most popular marketing, advertising, social media and business intelligence tools.

For more information on StatX and to download the application.

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