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The American Marketing Association And The Digital Marketing Institute Form Strategic Partnership

Dual Certification Program Empowers U.S. Marketers to Enhance and Maintain Digital Skillset, and Enables Organizations to Future-Proof Marketing Teams
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The American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) today announced they are joining forces to transform the skills and knowledge of digital professionals in the U.S. Through a new strategic partnership, the two industry powerhouses will deliver a unique dual training and certification program that will help to transform careers and future-proof marketing organizations martech news.

The need for marketers to keep pace with the rapid changes in technology and consumer behaviors is imperative. A recent study from DMI and The Economist Group revealed that critical talent and skills shortages are impeding marketing organizations as they struggle to recruit and upskill talent to address evolving demands martech.

The AMA / DMI partnership will provide U.S. marketing professionals with the opportunity to receive training in areas such as digital strategy, content marketing, social media marketing, analytics, CX, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing. Upon completion of the DMI PRO program, they will then uniquely receive a recognized certification from both the AMA and DMI (PCM Digital Marketing and Certified Digital Marketing Professional).

“By leveraging DMI’s industry-leading education and certification program, AMA members will have access to always-relevant digital marketing insight and learning opportunities,” said AMA Chief Executive Officer Russ Klein. “With AMA-DMI certification, our members will be able to differentiate themselves in the talent field and demonstrate the business and marketing savvy to lead their organizations into the future.”

“It’s a critical time in our industry as we collectively recognize the urgent need to develop marketing talent with the capabilities to adapt to emerging technologies and shifting customer demands,” said DMI Chief Executive Officer Ken Fitzpatrick. “We are delighted to partner with the AMA to provide ongoing learning, training and certification opportunities. Certification provides a clear pathway to career success.”

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