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The CEO of DeepBrain Chain attends live session of TokenClub


 Yong He announced testing of real-life AI training model


On 8th June 2018, Yong He, the CEO of DeepBrain Chain made an appearance as a guest on a live session on TokenClub. He announced during the session that DeepBrain Chain has successfully tested a real-life artificial intelligence model on Testnet.

Deep Brain Chain (DBC) used Chinese platform for the first time and interacted with the people of the community.  There were more than 60k participants in the session and over 1k questions were asked during the whole interaction. Yong He addressed the queries promptly and illustrated how a model powered by AI and Blockchain can decrease the computing costs.

He announced the successful testing of the AI model on Testnet and exclaimed his happiness for the company that reached a new milestone. DeepBrain Chain’s Testnet framework supports DeepLearning, H2O Machine Learning, and TensorFlow.  Apart from this, the firm has successfully tested different training models and scenarios using Testnet such as NLP, Image recognition, data prediction, and data categorization.

DBC AIM pre-sale

DBC reached another milestone by announcing a pre-sale of AI Mining Machines (AIM) that is an amalgamation of AI and Blockchain. It is a solution that will cater to the needs of AI enterprises. Using the solution, the companies can deploy their product on DBC, which will help the firms to save 70% on the cost of AI training while ensuring the protection of company’s data.

After the completion of AI mining, the miners will get access to DBC tokens. The AIM machine transforms blockchain computing waste into an efficient process of blockchain mining, machine learning and AI deep learning. Since the announcement of the pre-sale on 18th May 2018, they have received a good market response. Currently, they are offering 5 types of AIMs including machines with configurations of 2GPU, 4GPU, 8GPU, 128 GPU and AIM Storage machine.

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