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Chatbot- a stellar marketing tool

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We are living in an era where new innovations and cutting-edge technologies keep on hitting the market every now and then. Furthermore, it has become imperative for the businesses to adopt these trending technologies so as to stay abreast in the competition and to take their business to the next level. The latest entry in Martech’s space is ‘Chatbot’. It is an automation tool powered by AI, which is programmed in such a way that it addresses customer’s queries without the need for human intervention. It is an evolving business tactic that assists in scaling the businesses and is all the rage.

Nowadays, when you visit a website, you are welcomed by a virtual assistant via a chatbox where you can put your queries and get instant redressal. Well, this is an example of a ‘chatbot’.

The modern-day chatbots are a combination of artificial intelligence and the human brain. The programmers devise algorithms to address general queries of the customers thereby saving human efforts, time and fetching100% accuracy. This helps the businesses in providing 24*7 chat support which ultimately garners positive reviews and feedbacks.

The main purpose of chatbot was to provide customer support and address their general queries without humans. However, companies are now even using it as a  lead generation tool. Yes, chatbots can lessen your marketing efforts and elevate the lead generation process via automation. They serve as a virtual salesperson. They can be fed with algorithms so that they pitch up for your products and services and advertise them just like a salesperson. Thus, your work is done with minimal efforts, and this salesperson can serve you 24/7 without a break.  The chatbot powered marketing can enhance the digital experience of your customers and fetch excellent conversion rates. After Alexa and Siri, the chatbots are next big thing in the space which is sure to rule the market. So, what are you waiting for? Integrate chatbots into your website to enhance your user’s experience.

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