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The Perfect Halloween Marketing Platter for E-commerce

There can't be Halloween without Halloween food. So, here we present to you a perfect blend of tasty & Tempting Halloween Marketing Platter for E-commerce platforms
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The spooky Halloween 2020 is not far away anymore. Very soon, you would see people in ghastly Halloween costumes or wearing a freaky pumpkin mask and roaming around. But did you know, Halloween is the 4th most popular holiday after Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter? It is also becoming a very popular retail and marketing event in the world, especially in the U.S. and UK, making it almost as profitable as Christmas and Easter. It presents an exciting opportunity for businesses to get creative and allow their brand personality to shine through festival-themed marketing promotions, social media marketing posts, and fun messaging.

You don’t need to sell Halloween related products to be a part of Halloween marketing, you just need to think outside-of-the-box and add some seasonal taste to engage your customers and optimize sales. Halloween is not just about the wicked tricks and scary fun; it also upholds creative marketing campaigns. So you must start preparing your Halloween marketing strategies right now and make it more involving engagement and fun-crazy!

It’s Halloween and the time has come for the E-commerce merchants to start planning for their holiday marketing ideas, and Halloween is the beginning, followed by Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year. Shoppers are already very eagerly wait for the holiday season sale to buy their favorite products at big discounts.

Here, we are presenting a Halloween platter to boost your E-commerce sales during this holiday season.

Opt for Merchant Promotions

Merchant Promotions is a free feature by Google that enables Google Shopping advertisers to make their Shopping advertisements more compelling by adding special offers such as free gifts, special discounted prices, and shipping benefits.

Once you’ve submitted a product data feed in Google Merchant Center and it has been approved, then you can start creating promotions. The approved products are listed on the top of SERP by Google as shopping suggestions.

Festival-Themed Promotions

The holiday season brings in tons of theme-based marketing and promotional opportunities. Hence, you must catch the trend and customize the visuals of your website and other channels such as social media in order to make your customers feel more festive. The possibilities of holiday marketing ideas are endless!

For example, at the moment, Halloween is almost here and it is all about costumes, ghosts, pumpkins, tricks, or treats. Then why not optimize your E-commerce platform with spooky visuals? By the time Christmas arrives, you can change your visuals from spooky to snowy with Santa. Create festive, attractive, and entertaining display ads to makes sure you get maximum conversions.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

This Halloween, while your holiday marketing ideas are being drafted, you should start cracking the festive discount offers on your social media platforms because social media platforms are heavily populated with your target audience and give easy access to the marketers to trigger the psyche of their potential consumers.

Driving on from implementing improvements in your online marketing strategy is the need to alter your internet-based promoting technique to integrate a themed battle for Halloween marketing.


There was a campaign run by Starbucks on the social media platform Instagram, where Starbucks had very smartly curated the names of their beverages with the spooky words and Halloween trends. This campaign gained huge traction on social media.

Host Contests & User-Generated Content Campaigns

One of the most effective Halloween Marketing strategies would be hosting Halloween contests on your e-commerce website or running a user-generated content marketing campaign for promotional activities where you can ask your users to upload and submit their pictures in Halloween costumes by using a specific Hashtag or tie-up with some social media platform for some unique user-generated contents.

In return, you can provide some best and most spooky content with some gift cards or discount coupons. These kinds of activities are capable of making your brand popular on social media platforms and at a very high pace.

Fanta’s Halloween Snapchat campaigns are a great and most popular example of how an established brand can utilize social media for user-generated content marketing to drive sales over the harrowing holiday season. Fanta took the Halloween digital marketing campaign to a whole new level in 2017. Fanta jumped on the back of Snapchat’s 2017 success to create one of the top Halloween digital marketing campaigns. According to Mintel, 40% of Halloween purchasers utilize social media for inspiration, so it’s not surprising that sales of Fanta soared following its award-winning partnership with Snapchat.

You had to use Snapchat to scan the QR codes on the limited edition, spooky Fanta packaging. Once you scan the QR codes, you receive access to the branded Snapchat filters and lenses, including a China doll shedding tears of Fanta. It also invited guests to enter an elevator and take a journey ride to the 13th floor to attend a virtual Halloween party, with virtual reality (VR) surprises along the way. Not only have they produced one of the most effective digital marketing campaigns of 2017, but they have also taken the help of influencers to promote the marketing campaign and recreate the Snapchat filters utilizing makeup and costumes. This is what we call, social media marketing done right.

Enjoy the Platter

As the millennials are becoming some of the biggest spenders in the Halloween market, their increased utilization of online stores and E-commerce platforms is constantly providing an increase in online spending during the Halloween season. E-commerce businesses should start leveraging this opportunity for enhanced holiday sales in the future.

All the above-mentioned varieties of food make a perfect Halloween Platter for E-commerce businesses. You can also try a variety of foods like influencer marketing, email marketing, bundle offers, and push notifications to attract potential customers. As per your taste and hunger, you should add or remove food items from your Halloween platter for your E-commerce business.

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